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  1. this is an interesting thread, and your comments about archicad are correct, and i think revit works the same way. they are both database programs, and users have their own copies of the database while the main copy stays on the server. using the marquee tool you can window an area of the building and sign out those objects and no one else can edit those objects until you send&receive. i'm not exactly sure how ac does it, but it's really cool. if vw ever got something like this it would make it a much better competitor with ac and revit.
  2. ADT is a horrible program and i wouldnt recommend it to anyone. it is very hard to learn and use. r u using project navigator in adt? u can use layer links to create a building model in vw, though the sections and elevations aren't as detailed as the ones ADT makes.
  3. hi there everyone! I haven't been using VW since 9 and in my current autocad based office we've discussed at length what we might migrate towards to give our office 3D capabilities. When I was using VW9 I did create building models using layer links (workgroup referencing didn't work well at the time), so now I'm wondering if we should consider using VW to get into a 3d-type construction doc process. Is anyone doing that here? We're a midsized office (30 people) and probably half of our CAD people have used VW before, and we can get VW users pretty easily. We don't want to use Architectural Desktop because it's very hard to use. None of us know Revit at all and there are very few users in our area who know the program, and even fewer, if any, who know Archicad. I assume that you would create the building model using workgroup references with one floor in each file, then create a master model? And with VW 12, we have live sections (very exciting!) -can we hope to generate and regenerate (after changes) elevations, sections and schedules from this model? do tell!! i would like to use vw again, as would many in our office, but this is the second or third time i've brought up vw only to have us continue to use autocad :-(
  4. Hi everyone! I've been out of the VW world for a few years and I was wondering how VWA has developed since v8. Are the sections and elevations in VWA live now? If you cut thru the layer linked model or "copy convert to lines" is it possible to maintain the connection between these views and the model? And can you set the hatched appearance of walls to be based on a wall style of some kind so you can update the properties of the wall style and see the change in both plans, sections and elevations? These were things I was always hoping for when I worked with VW three years ago. TIA, Grace
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