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  1. thank you for the input Wes! I think so too that the mirror tool will be a part of the process. And nurbs.....that seems to be even more complicated to a noob like me than subdivision 🙂
  2. I'm happy you can confirm this Mike 😁 The animation is 60 seconds long and I chose the highest quality. It has 1125 frames. The saved views were rendered with a renderworksstyle with all fairly high settings. Possibly I'm not following the correct procedures or best settings. We'll see what the results are and learn from it 🙂
  3. Thank you Mike. Vectorworks has been rendering an animation of a garden for the past almost 50 hours......😯 Almost at 80% now so I estimate at least another 12 hours to go. About a week from now I'll have to undergo knee surgery after which I'll likely have some time on my hands to experiment with all your suggestions;)
  4. haha apparently I used a forbidden word before the comma? I'll use darn then 🙂
  5. , now I'm wishing that I had used a more complex knife in my initial post 🙂 That taper face tool definitely looks usable Stephan, thank you for your video! I'm just wondering if it will work when bevel line and edge are not parallel and then the ricasso thing. Well, I'm going to play around with all this. So much to learn! Thanks again for all the help!
  6. Wow, incredible that you would take the time to do that Mike, thank you! Now, my knife in the initial post (the one you used here) is rather simple in that it has no ricasso and the bevel line is parallel to the knife edge. In the second knife I posted you can see that the line of the bevel and the line of the flat part of the knife don't match up. This is because the bevel line isn't parallel to the knife edge everywhere. The bevel line comes closer to the knife edge as you come towards the tip. Do you think this can be done with extrude along path? Also, is it possible to give the ricasso a curve instead of the 90° hard corner it has now or do you think I will have to go with the subdivision method?
  7. Thank you Alan! The taper face tool looks promising! I will try this as soon as I can. And thanks for your video link. Subdivision is still my last resort when all else fails, only because it looks the most difficult to me. I have been trying with extrude along path as suggested by Mike but so far I'm stuck at what you can see below. Still a lot of things wrong with that 🙂
  8. thank you both for your answer! I will first try the extrude along path method (if I can get my head around it:)) And If I can't get that to work I'll try the subdivision option. Thanks again and I will post the results here. Oh and if somenone should have still another suggestion, please do!
  9. hi everyone, This is my first post and I'm very new at Vectorworks. I'm trying to model a knife but I can't figure out how to put the bevel on the knife (the angled flat part of the blade, colored in red in the first picture). I have tried with the chamfer edge tool but this only gives me very short bevels (see second picture). Also is there a way to create that nice rounded ricasso (in the blue circle). Thanks for looking!


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