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    As I posed on 1/29, I uninstlled Quicktime6, and reinstalled Quicktime5 using the custom option, installing all of the options. I know that it is old, but it has worked on this computer with Windows 2000. It seems really close to working. By the way, is there an upgrade option? Is there a newer version of MiniCAD? How about a low-cost upgrade to VectorWorks? Can it open MiniCAD files? I run on both Mac and PC.
  2. tdgarner


    I still haven't gotten this to work either. I originally had this running on this machine with this video driver and the same printer driver. It worked fine. I think that my W2000 had a service pack 1. I then had to give the machine to the system administrators to rebuild to a corporate standard configuration. They repartitioned the disk, and reinstalled W2000, 5.00.2195 Service Pack 3. It hasn't worked since. This is an HP 6100, 1.12 Ghz, 1 Gbyte RAM, ATI Mobile Radeon (16 MB). We sent a Compac laptop to get reconfigured by the same group, supposedly to the same spec, and Minicad worked fine on it when it was returned. It does seem associated with this laptop somehow, although it used to run on this laptop for nearly a year. I have tried to update the video driver, and the printer driver, and chosen a different printer, but nothing works.
  3. tdgarner


    I have updated the video driver. I uninstalled Quicktime6, and reinstalled Quicktime5 using the custom option, selecting all. I installed QD3D1.5.3. I reinstalled Minicad7 from its CD, but I still get the same error. Any more suggestions?
  4. tdgarner


    quote: Originally posted by SeanFlaherty: You need to run the installer from the CD, you're missing some key changes to the system. Best Regards, Sean Which CD are you referring to? I did install Minicad from its CD. Tim
  5. tdgarner


    I have been using Minicad7 on Windows 2000 for 9 months. They reformatted my drive and now I cannot get Minicad to work. When it tries to run, a gray window appears, and then a dialog box titled "Microsodt Visual C++ Runtime Library" saying, "Runtime Error! Program:C:\ProgramFiles\MinkCAD7\MINICAD.EXE abnormal program termination". I have also installed the upgrade to 7.0.3 with the same results. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?


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