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  1. hans0

    Drawing Setup

    Thanks Robert. I appreciate that info on GIS. We do a lot of work in a specific county where the MrSID file is what that county generates their aerial using. I hadn't heard of the file type until I started working here. I've never tried to convert it, but am concerned the file could get really large.
  2. hans0

    Drawing Setup

    Will do! Thanks again for the help.
  3. hans0

    Drawing Setup

    Thank you Eric. I appreciate this big time. Do you have the link to the presentation by Robert Anderson on importing and managing? I'll go re-review the layer and class usage aspects in the getting started guides. Also, if I could hear about the online trainings that would be great. Best, Hans
  4. Hi, I am a landscape architect and project manager at a small firm that works on pretty big projects. I've been exploring whether Vectorworks Landmark would be a good addition to our software suite. So far my answer is yes, so I downloaded a free trial and played around a bit. The biggest initial question I have is how to setup an initial file. When I get a new project, (our firm typically uses AutoCAD), my general first steps are to reference in a georeferenced Aerial (usually a SID file), a survey file (DWG) and an architectural file (DWG or IFC). After doing all that I can typically print it out and start drawing or initial site studies. The tutorials don't seem to cover how to do this. Is there any tutorial someone can point me to that shows best practices for file management and how a typical workflow managing other files would work? Or can someone who is in a similar situation help? Thanks for your help!
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