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  1. wow, for the moment I'm just a bit to overwhelmed to be able to ask any questions...ūüėĄ Thanks for the moment, I'll take some time to study the network. I'm about to shut down for this year so thanks a lot, I wish you happy holidays! ciao Luca
  2. Hi Marissa I've edited the network: - Added the first two nodes you suggested. In an earlier try I had this: Then as a part of the several attempts I made, I removed the first two nodes. - The second edit I've done, is the adding of a second parallel part, which should give different, new attributes to objects that have the same starting attributes, but have a different class (the class name contains _aus , instead of _ein): I hope it's clear... Then 2 things about the node "Objs by Crit": 1- If I copy one from one drawing and paste it in another, it won't work. I have to edit the criteria because the primary color seems to change in different files... 2- When I open the criteria configuration menu I have to set all criteria manually. The menu does not seem to remember which criteria had been set earlier. Thank for helping me out Luca Import_Schleppkurven - Versand_181221.vwx
  3. Hi there I hope I haven't overseen any similar topics in the forum, please give me a link if this has already been handled. I'm new to marionette and I'm trying to do the following: After importing a dxf in vectorworks I want certain objects to receive specific color and line weight attributes. The objects I want to modify are an a specific layer and are either red, green or blue - so far so good, I can use "Objs by Crit" for that. But the objects are also in classes that contain the string "_ein" in their name. All other objects with the same attributes that are in other classes should not be affected by the script. I created the network you can see in the picture, but it obviously isn't correct because the information about the class name has no effect on the outcome. Any suggestions? (The "copy" node seems to be necessary because the "attribute" nodes don't allow selecting different transparency values for filling and line)


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