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  1. Hello back in the office so attached is the DXdiag file thank you regards stuart DxDiag.txt
  2. No worries I am out of the office until Tuesday so will do it when I get in. without the external monitor I get this
  3. Hello I have an issue with my laptop not displaying the 3d image if I'm using an external monitor (please see attached image). if I unplug the monitor it displays natively on the laptop fine. What settings do I need to change to fix this issue??
  4. @michaelk Thank you very much for the answer and prompt reply. I went in SP1 and deleted that viewport with the wrong scale and now it works in SP2 (lucky I still had a valid trial with SP1 installed elsewhere) Thank you!
  5. I have the same issue where I cant open a file in VW2019 SP2 as it crashes but I can in VW2019 SP1. Help Please! A-100.vwx
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