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  1. We are using VW 10.1 with 10.2.4. Printing drawings to Epson 7600 and 1160 printers. The printing is fine provided the drawing was created in VW10. For older drawings created in VW 9 & 8.5 the prints will usually vanish into the ether but not always. The problem is consistent between drawings ie they will always vanish or print and is consistent between different computers running 10.2.4, ie problem drawings are always a problem. We have had to abandon our planned change to os 10 as it is impractical for most drawings to be unprintable. Has anyone else had a similar problem and found a solution?
  2. Katie, I have tried printing from half a dozen other applications and everything works normally, I have even tried the latest gimp printing system which again works normally with other applications but not Vectorworks. Is there anything else I can try with Vectorworks to print to non p/s printers under system 10.2?
  3. Peter, I am using OS10.2.3, VW 10.0.1 with Epson printer driver EPSON 10397-1160osx.
  4. Prints and previews vanish without trace when attempting to print to networked Epson 1160, similarly with Epson 740. Both printers opperate normally with other applications. VW10 appears only to print to ps printers. Anyone have similar experience? Anyone know of a solution?


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