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  1. So I put in a fixture request for the I-cue mounted on an ETC Colorsource, but they replied to me that they can't complete that fixture request because there are too many possible combinations and they can't fulfill them all. They said they are waiting for Vision to "fix" the broken attachment system, which of course would be better, but when will that be? In terms of the VL-1000, my hopes were that I could maintain the exact patch that was being used to control the real rig with the patch in Vision, that way the students could easily swap between programming on the real rig and on Vision. I guess that's not the end of the world, but it is a bit frustrating. Craig
  2. Hello wise ones, I am in the middle of setting up a visualizer that mimics the house LX hang in our theatre so that students can practice and build shows when the theatre is unavailable. Through some trial and error, I've got most things working, but I am stuck on trying to get a few remaining lights to work. The key problem I am having is with two VL 1000s with tungsten bulbs, which require a dimmer in addition to their DMX input. By patching the VLs to their appropriate DMX address, I can get the lights to move in Vision, but I can't get them to turn on. This makes sense, but I can't figure out how to additionally give the lights their dimmer information so that I can also control intensity. Additionally, I have 4 I-cue mirrors that are attached to ETC Colorsource spots with a DMX iris. When I import them into vision, I get the Colorsource, and I get a second Source4 with an I-cue attached to it. I can't seem to find the DMX iris anywhere. I can control all of the aspects of the Colorsource, but it is not going through the I-cue. If I turn on the I-cue (by selecting it in Vision), I can control pan and tilt, but the light beam is incandescent. I could live (for now) with just the intensity properties of the Source4 and the pan and tilt of the I-cue (foregoing the colour changing and DMX iris), but again, I can't figure out how to control the intensity of the I-cue. Any ideas?
  3. I currently have an educational version of VW2018 on my computer. A company has hired me to do some drafting for them and they have given me their USB dongle. I can't seem to get the dongle license to override the educational license on my computer. I also can't seem to figure out where to download a USB version of VW2018 to use with the dongle. Any help is appreciated. Craig


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