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  1. This is happening to me too. On a g5 running OS 10.3.8. I can't edit extrusions in the OIP.
  2. On my mac (G5), there is no option under the view menu to adjust smoothing angle. I have already reinstalled the previous version and do not plan on using 11.5 until the summer. Hopefully, by then you will be up to 11.5.1.
  3. Thank you Katie, Kevin and Travis! I reinstalled everything from the orginal V11 CD and all is now well. I am happy again and loving VectorWorks (user since 1996!)!!! :-)
  4. I think that it is a workspace / plug-ins issue...I am going to reinstall a virgin copy of v11 from the original CD and upgrade from there...fingers are crossed.
  5. To be more specific: "To adjust the smoothing angle for Hidden Line Renderings, go to View>Rendering>Line Render Options." I tried this already, and the Line Render Options part is not there. :-(
  6. Kevin / Katie: the smoothing angle is not in the place where it is supposed to be on my mac. Has anyone else with a mac actually found it? I always appreciate the help that I get on here, but I wasted a lot of time today trying to work with this new upgrade.
  7. I already regret upgrading and plan to immediately downgrade back. Not only can I not adjust the smoothing angle for a hidden line rendering, but when I try to change the size of a simple extrusion (an extrudeded rectangle) in the Object Info Palette, I get nothing. DON'T RELEASE THESE """UPGRADES""" WHEN THEY ARE SO FULL OF BUGS!!!!! Majorly disappointed within first five minutes of upgrading!!!!!!!
  8. So how do I adjust the smoothing angle now?
  9. I was also able to construct the ramp by taking the Nurbs Surface that was created from the sweep and using the Shell Solid tool to give it thickness. Then, I subracted the excess from the bottom. Again, thank you both for all of your help.
  10. THANKS! Kevin - I got your method to work (making a deep sweep and then subtracting from it). Mike - When I convert the sweep to Nurbs, it creates a Nurbs Surface (not a Nurbs Curve)...does that work with the Loft tool (I could not get it to)???
  11. Mike - I can make a ramp as you describe, but how can I draw it so that the area below the ramp is filled in?
  12. Is there any way to create a curved ramp? I need to make an ascending ramp - looks like a letter 'C' in plan view...
  13. In VW11, when I select multiple 2d objects that are solid and then extrude them together, they render as hollow. If I then ungroup the extrusion, they magically become solid. In VW10 when I did this, they would render as solid.
  14. What does the RenderWorks Library plug-in actually do? I am using a mac with OS 9.2 and VW11.0.1.
  15. I am getting this same exact problem. It is also happening with symbols created originally in VW10 that I have been using for a long time with no problem at all. It is definitely a BUG!
  16. The problem is that in half of the instances, the symbol is not rendered solid, and in half it is. The ones on top may be partially covering the ones on the bottom. I will send you a file.
  17. I have a small sample... how can I send to you? My sample file is composed of symbols. One symbol is used at z=0 and z=7.125 in several instances. All of the ones at the higher elevation do not render properly.
  18. The same thing happened with VW 10.1.2 for mac. It took a few months for VW to realize that this was an actual bug (because it was completely random). It was corrected in VW 10.5 for mac...
  19. This is what Abvent has to say about the plug-in situation: "The answer is that the new plug in to export VW 10.5 models into Art'Lantis is in the VW 10.5 CD. We asked CESYAM ( plug in developer ) to give us a demo CD to check but didn' t receive it yet ." Is there any truth to this? Where can I get the current plug-in???
  20. Thanks for the suggestions. I've decided to leave a copy of VW 10.1.2 on my G4 in addition to the copies of 10.5 and 9.5.2 (needed to plot) that are already there.
  21. I just upgraded from VW 10.1.2 to 10.5 and the Art?lantis export plugin no longer functions. This is probably an issue with Abvent not updating their plug-ins. Unfortunately, I now have to export all my drawings to VW 9 to export to Art?lantis properly.
  22. I just started playing with VW10.5 today and noticed that some of the new tools are missing in action. I had to manually add the Protrusion/Cutout tool and the Revolve with Rail tool using the workspace editor. This is a little annoying as I would expect any new tools to be already part of the workspace (how else would I know they even exist if I didn't read every page of the tutorial pdf?). Bottom line: try finding tools that you want in the workspace editor and manually add them on.
  23. We have two Mac G4's running VWorks 10 and both of us have this same exact problem. It is totally erratic and there is no explanation for why there are frequently items that do not get rendered. We keep copies of 9.5 on both Macs for this reason. It is pretty annoying doing a convert to lines that takes several minutes only to find that something is missing.
  24. I am trying to import a DWG and get the following: OpenDWG Library Error 3: The file could not be opened. Make sure it is not already open in another application. Help!
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