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  1. I am laying out a trade show booth. My client manufactures helicopters. I have five different ones in this floor plan - they were originally 3ds models. In addition to the models and my structure, there is also electrical information, spatial dimensioning and a saved hidden line perspective view. This stuff all adds up.

    I am working on another job where I received IGES files from my client. The file for this job is around 130mb and totally unmanageable. I am in the process of re-drawing items and deleting as much as possible. I have it down to 80mb so far.

    I have been using VectorWorks for 10 years now and have often wondered about copying views from one document to another...thanks for your help anyway.

  2. Unfortunately, my client makes tons of revisions and the file size is already around 80mb. Combining plans would make the file unmanageable. Usually, I start out by saving all the views I like in the document and then re-save different versions. Unfortunately, if I decide that I want a different view, I can't transfer that new view to the other revisions.

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