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  1. Here are two extruded circles. The only difference is the color. This is from a shaded sheet layer at 300 dpi. This just started happening since the most recent patch.
  2. Is there any way to import Inventor files into VW?
  3. Doesn't work for me either. Any solutions yet?
  4. It seems to randomly break the symbols down completely. I am working with a complex 3d file and this is killing me!
  5. I have been using VW for 20 years (going back to MiniCAD) on a mac. With VW2017 designer, when I "convert copy to lines" on a group, it ungroups the original 3d objects. It converts all the symbols within the group and ungroups them also so that whatever I started with becomes a total mess. Help
  6. Is there any way to open a MiniCad 5 file (from 1995!) on a mac running VectorWorks 2008?
  7. Thanks...I will keep that in mind for the future.
  8. I am on a mac. Well, since I came in today (a day after the crashing) and have restarted my computer, it seems to be working now. Strange behavior!
  9. Well, I just upgraded to 12.5.1 and now I cannot do a 'convert to hidden lines' without crashing (the file worked fine before the upgrade)...bummer. I am now going to downgrade back to 12.5.
  10. Copying RenderWorks cameras is definitely the way to go. Thank you both for your AWESOME advice --- very helpful.
  11. Although I own RenderWorks, I have not actually used it in years....tried it when it first came out. Never really used though.
  12. When I say 'copying views', I am specifically talking about 3d views.
  13. I am laying out a trade show booth. My client manufactures helicopters. I have five different ones in this floor plan - they were originally 3ds models. In addition to the models and my structure, there is also electrical information, spatial dimensioning and a saved hidden line perspective view. This stuff all adds up. I am working on another job where I received IGES files from my client. The file for this job is around 130mb and totally unmanageable. I am in the process of re-drawing items and deleting as much as possible. I have it down to 80mb so far. I have been using VectorWorks for 10 years now and have often wondered about copying views from one document to another...thanks for your help anyway.
  14. Unfortunately, my client makes tons of revisions and the file size is already around 80mb. Combining plans would make the file unmanageable. Usually, I start out by saving all the views I like in the document and then re-save different versions. Unfortunately, if I decide that I want a different view, I can't transfer that new view to the other revisions.
  15. Can a saved view be copied from one document to another? How can it be done? I am working on several different floor plans for a client and would like to show the same views for each plan.
  16. I usually download DXF from 3dWorld Club, but 3ds works too.
  17. Is there one particular model of helicopter that you are looking for? One of my clients manufactures helicopters. This site has a few: http://www.3dworldclub.com/
  18. Can a 'STEP' file (.stp) be imported into VW12?
  19. The only way to modify these extrusions it to double click them (edit group) and edit the 2d shape that created the extrusion. This is a complete inconvenience. I am hoping that the good things in 11.5 will outway this very bad thing. Should be fixed by next update?
  20. This topic has been covered recently in this forum. I am having the same exact problem and it is a big pain.
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