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  1. Katie, Take a look at my post in the Wish List Section regarding the Extend Tool.
  2. I fired up an old version of VW 8.52 to examine the extend tool. As it turns out you can't extend multiple lines to a boundry with a single click. You have to click each line in order to extend it. This is still way better than having to click and drag each line as in VW 9/10. I was confusing the old extend tool with an OzCad plugin by Julian Carr. He had an Extend to Line tool that worked very well. I am not sure if these plugins work with VW10. I would love to see Extend to Line and Extend Multiple Lines to Boundry in the next rev. of VW.
  3. Sean, I'll dig out an old version and try and find exactly where this tool was.
  4. Ignore my last post... I now see the logic in the way this works. You need to complete the polyline operation before you can access the "x" spacebar Boomerang mode. It works the same way with the 2D polygon tool.
  5. I think I found a bug. The spacebar "X" key combo seems to work with all tools except the polyline tool. When used with the polyline tool I get a message saying "Only Pan, Zoom In, Zoom Out and Flyover Tools permitted here"
  6. I last remember seeing the Extend Tool in VW 8.52. I think VW 9 is where it was removed. I had hoped to see it come back in VW 10...
  7. I usually use the boomerang mode to pan the drawing while being zoomed in and find it works quite well. I tried hitting the "x" key while in boomerang mode and got an error message saying "Only Pan, Zoom In, Zoom Out and Flyover Tools are permitted here" How are you guys getting this to work? VWA 10.01, OS 9.2, G4/400 tibook
  8. I have taken an ACAD approach to assigning line weights i.e: black background with different colors to distinguish line weights and toggle "black & white only" before plotting. I adopted this approach out of frustration in plotting a drawing only to find a few stray lines that were not assigned the correct line weight. I found the Zoom Line Thickness toggle to be pretty much useless. The biggest problem being that you had to be "zoomed in" at least 200-400% to get an accurate display of your work. It would be great to have a WYSIWYG display of your drawing at Normal Scale. This would allow me to go back drafting with a white background (although I'm actually getting used to the black background thing). I think this issue has been brought up before. Are there any OS display issues that are making this difficult to achieve? Graphics apps like Illustrator seem to do this with no problem.
  9. Presently you can only convert TT to polyline.
  10. That would be great. While your at it how about including Post Script to Polyline in the type menu. The ability to convert postscript fonts to polylines would be really helpful. Why is it that only truetype can be converted?
  11. We all want it back! The Connect/ Combine tool cannot extend multiple lines of varying length to another line with a single click. It's a real step backward to have to individually click and drag each line you want to extend.
  12. I realize that the Extend tool was replaced by the Connect/ Combine tool in VW9. After searching the forum it became apparent that many users were upset at the loss of the Extend tool. The ability to extend multiple lines of varying length to another line was a real time saver. I have found no way to replicate this function with the Connect/ Combine tool. Some users have suggested that the Connect/ Combine tool works differently and is actually much better than the old Extend tool. This may be the case for certain operations but you still can't extend muliple lines with a single click. Having to click and drag each line is a real pain. How have most users of VW9 and 10 changed their workflow to make up for this lost capability? Trim? Split by line/ point? I'm going to post in the Wish List that this feature be brought back.
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