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  1. Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me how to create a Data Tag that will display the number of instances of the symbol it is attached to? Thank you Maxwell
  2. I am trying to make 2 scripts. One to call the "Move by Points" tool with "Object Retention Mode" on and another script with "Object Retention Mode" off. I know I can toggle this mode on and off with the "I" hotkey, but I would prefer to make 2 different hot keys to run these 2 scripts individually. I looked at "CallToolByName"" but it doesn't have the same parameters as "SetToolWithMode", which is why I need the index. Thanks, Maxwell
  3. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know the tool index number for the Move by Points tool? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks, Maxwell
  4. Hi Pat, Sketchup has a feature called "Make Unique" where you select a symbol and it duplicates it in place, but as a new unique symbol, replacing the old one. I am trying to do that. Right now VWX doesn't have a feature like this so the long way is to duplicate the symbol in the Resource Browser, then replace the old symbol with the new symbol. I am just trying to automate that. Why am I doing this? Often times I have a bunch of symbols in a drawing and I want to make one of them slightly different and then duplicate it. I work primarily in 3D. Thanks Maxwell
  5. This works, but a few things I am noticing. 1. I have objects in 3D and they are not staying in their proper 3D location. 2. When it creates a new symbol with the name 'New Sym' it overwrites the old one instead of adding a '2' to the end of it. Thanks Maxwell
  6. Is there a way to have it leave the instance in place? Really all I need i is the symbol to duplicate with a new unique name and remain in the workspace. Thanks Max
  7. Thanks for this! It really helped. Here is what I came up with. It duplicates the selected symbol and creates it as a new, unique, one. The same way the "Make Unique" feature works in Sketchup. Do you know how I can bypass the pop up symbol settings prompt and the folder location prompt when creating a new symbol? I'd like to have this script run without any input from the user. PROCEDURE MakeUnique; VAR Selection : HANDLE; BEGIN Selection := FSActLayer; Duplicate(0,0); DelObject(Selection); Selection := FSActLayer; SymbolToGroup(Selection,0); Ungroup; DoMenuTextByName('Create Symbol', 0) END; Run(MakeUnique); Thanks Maxwell
  8. Well that's a bummer. Thanks for all your help. Best, Maxwell
  9. Thanks for looking into this. I tried to use the DoMenuTextByName Function to open the Purge window, but this didn't work. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks Maxwell
  10. That worked great! Thank you. Do you know of a way I could save as, and it will save the new document with a new name in the same location as the current one?
  11. Hi Everyone, If I have a symbol in my workspace selected I would like to have a script that duplicates that symbol in the resource manager and replaces the selected symbol with the new, duplicated, one. Can someone please help me with this? Thank you Maxwell
  12. Can someone walk me through how to use a script to purge the current file of all unused symbols? Thank you Maxwell
  13. Can someone walk me through how to use a script to save a file to a user defined location? I am creating a script and the last piece of the puzzle is to save a copy of the current file. I would like a pop up window to appear so the user can select the file destination. I have tried all the procedures and functions and I cannot get it to work. Thank you Maxwell
  14. Hi Everyone, Is there a way to display Data Tag dimensions in imperial and metric like how dimension lines are displayed? Thanks Maxwell
  15. Hi Everyone, I have a data tag that displays the X and Y location of the insertion point. This works well, but I wanted to know if it is possible to have it display text based on the values. Essentially, I would like it to display "US" and then the measurement for any value in the positive range on the Y axis and "DS" for any negative value. I would also like it to display "SR" and then the measurement for any value in the negative range on the X axis and "SL" for any positive value. Example: X: -3'0" Y: -5'0" Should be SR: 3'0" DS: 5'0" and X: 6'0" Y: -5'0" Should be SL: 6'0" DS: 5'0" Thank you Maxwell
  16. I would be ok with just saving a copy and letting Windows rename the file for me. Could you please help me with the Vector Script? I have never made a Vectorscript and this would be a great learning experience. Thanks Maxwell
  17. Hi Pat, I am running VWX on Windows. Would that make a difference? The main thing I am interested in automating are actually all the steps before exporting to a DWG. Thanks Maxwell
  18. Hi Everyone, I am interested in putting together a script to automate my publishing procedures and am not sure how to go about it, or if it is even possible. Below are the list of actions I would like to automate. Can anyone help me with this please? -Publish the VWX file to a PDF using Vectorworks Cloud Services in a user defined location then -Delete a single worksheet called "SJL Worksheet-Estimate" -Purge document of unused symbols only -Save a copy of this new VWX file with the text "Published" at the end in the same user defined location -Export this published VWX file as a DWG in the same user defined location Thank you Maxwell
  19. Hi Everyone, Our offices use Egnyte as our could service. It would be very helpful to have Vectorworks integrate with Egnyte the same way Vectorworks integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox. Thank you Maxwell
  20. Found out how to do this. If you rotate while in screen plane it will rotate like a 3D symbol.
  21. Hi Everyone, Attached is a quick video of my issue. It wouldn't record any of the pop up screens, but you can follow the issue regardless. If I make a callout and then assign it to a class with "use at creation" turned on and the pen attribute at grey 60%, it will update the attributes pallette, but not the callout itself. Can anyone help with this? Thanks, Maxwell Callout Class.mp4
  22. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of a converter that can take a VWX file and export it to C4D? I typically have to export my files for our rendering team since they don't have Vectorworks. It would be great if they could convert the file on their own, without the need to purchase Vectorworks. Thanks Maxwell
  23. Does anyone know of a way to have a variable to replace any text string in a document? I have the software version number in several places such as my title block, key to symbols, and cover page. All of which is saved in my start template. I would like to be able to just update one setting and it will update all instances of that text. This text is located in a text box on my cover page, in a field in a record format attached to a symbol, and a worksheet cell referencing the field in a record format. Any ideas? Thanks Maxwell
  24. What about the detail viewport label settings? Can I set a default for those? I would like the circle around the drawing number to be smaller and for it to default to Drawing No. Only. Thanks Maxwell
  25. This works, but I find that I don't type in my trailers until after I dimension the whole page. Ideally it would be great to select a bunch of dimensions and right click and have a script or something add predefined trailers.
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