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  1. As a follow on query, does anyone know if it is possible to get data visualisation to work across referenced files? The reference is brought into a design layer and then a viewport created in a sheet layer. The record shows up - under the data visualisation menu - but changing colours / fills etc. doesn't work! Any ideas?
  2. Hi everyone We have now sold the 2no. licences we had available. If any others come up I will post again. Cheers Joe
  3. Hello again Our other sale didn't go ahead so we are now back to 2no. 2017 VW Architect licences. Please let me know if anyone would like to go ahead. Thanks Joe
  4. Hi everyone We have 1no. 2017 licence left - it is for VW Architect. I think it would be fairest to go on first come, first served basis, so can earlier posters please let me know if they are still interested. Cheers Joe
  5. Hi Miles Yes, they are both still available. Please let me know if you would like one or both of them. Best regards Joe
  6. Hi Francesco The license is for VW Architect and is cross-platform so you can download for Mac or Windows and use the license number. We have transferred within the UK and to the USA previously, so don't imagine it will be a problem for you in Switzerland. Let me know if you want to go ahead and then just send me your email address so I can forward the transfer form. Best regards Joe
  7. Hi Francesco We currently have a license available. To transfer the license, we will send you a transfer form and you will need to fill in your details; we then send this to Vectorworks in the UK and pay the transfer fee. You can make the payment for the license via PayPay or by bank transfer; PayPal is immediate, Bank transfer takes a day, unless you request a same day transfer. If you are in the EU, VAT applies to the license cost; if not - if you are in the USA for example - then it doesn’t, but you will need to check on any local charges / taxes. Once you have the license then you are able to pay your local Vectorworks vendor to update to later versions. Best regards Joe
  8. Hi Caroline We still have these available if you would like them? Best regards Joe
  9. We have 2 no. VW2017 licences for sale for £1200 + VAT each. We will pay the transfer fee.
  10. We have 3 no. VW2017 licences for sale for £1200 + VAT each. We will pay the transfer fee.
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