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  1. Yes! This would be a game changer in terms of modelling and drawing efficiency. The software and industry is shifting to a "3D-first" mindset, modelling in 3D and generating working drawings from that. It seems crazy that associative dimensions still only work on 2D objects. It would be AMAZING if this could be part of the upcoming service packs!
  2. Hello, Does anyone know if it possible to export a rendered image file from Vectorworks in the same way as a VRay .exr file? With this I mean exporting the various channels so that it can be imported into Photoshop with the various image channels still in tact in order to optimize post-production. I have tried the OpenEXR image export option but this only exports a single channel without splitting the range of render effects as it does with VRay. I hope someone knows how to work this magic? Best, Stephanie
  3. @JimW Hey Jim, I'm having the same problem. I'm creating a viewport of a large 3D model that includes a complex surface array object. The scale is 1:500 on an A3 sheet. When creating a viewport it is way too large and even by putting X and Y at 0 doesn't seem to help. Then I only get the corner of the viewport in the center of the sheet but I am still not able to whole viewport. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I have never had this before. Is is caused by the surface array? The file has crashed several times already too, so I worry if this may the cause.
  4. Hello, I am also having issues with extending my student license. When opening my Vectorworks 2018 it says that my license will expire on 12/13/2018. But then when I log into the student portal and try to update my details in order to request an extension it says that my license has already expired and I can therefore not update my profile nor request an extension. I have a deadline coming up soon and I really cannot spare any time without the software. Please help!
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