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  1. Chris_W

    Move 3d not working?

    @tsw BINGO. Thank you. ...and thus the trigger to learn more about planes. My work around ended up being extruding the circle to give it thickness (1.5"). Looks like that takes away the plane option all together. And it looks a lot better....
  2. Chris_W

    Move 3d not working?

    Hello VWX Hivemind.... I read several other posts regarding the same issue, although it seems those solutions aren't helping here. Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm working on creating my own seating library that includes various table and chair configurations. Very simple, just enough to plug into a quick drawing... This is an example of what I'm building. The chairs are stock symbols, the table surface is just a circle (no thickness). I was able to Modify>Move 3D... to bring the circle to 30" high. I also sent the chair symbols to the back, so they would look like they were under the table. This also has the added benefit of keeping the circle in the right spot if you do view it in the 3D. Happy Day. So I go to make the next set, add the circle, go to Modify>Move 3D... and the option is greyed out? I saw in another post to make sure layers and classes are 'Show/Snap/Modify Others,' but that doesn't seem to be the issue. Thoughts?
  3. Chris_W

    Scaling PDFs that aren't correct XY

    Thanks, Boh. This is a great solution. You and I ended up doing the same thing, just in different ways. I tried to calculate the difference in scale and apply it asymmetrically. It worked OK, yours would probably do much better. I quickly got the point of telling the customer that we should have accurate drawings. I thought the drawing had only gotten squished...turns out it was way off in other ways too... If the idea is to make decisions, then we have to know we are working with accurate information... Thanks again for the help
  4. Question for you all... I have a PDF from a hotel and it doesn't seem to be correct when you scale between X and Y axis. If I had to guess, someone squeezed the image to fit it on a page. Is there an easy way to fix this if you are confident things are relatively correct? bandicam 2019-07-18 12-28-36-032.mp4
  5. Chris_W

    Speaker Array Bumper Missing Import

    Hey Juay -- Can you send me screenshots of your library folders?
  6. Chris_W

    Grey Layers on PDF

    Hi Boh -- I see the check mark, but it only allows you to either show them or make them invisable?
  7. Chris_W

    Grey Layers on PDF

    Hello -- I have set up a series of viewports/sheets/publish-sets for documentation. In the viewports, I have certain layers grayed out to help make other parts stand out. When I publish to PDF, they grayed out layers shows as full-view.... is there a way to fix this?
  8. Chris_W

    Speaker Array Bumper Missing Import

    Thanks for the reply, ASagatoVW I am indeed modifying an existing array. Screen shot below attached. I also followed along the VWX videos about arrays and how to import them. Worked great for speakers, not so much for bumpers.
  9. Chris_W

    Speaker Array Bumper Missing Import

    I'm in the same boat, not sure what to do...
  10. Chris_W

    Sheet Printing

    No worries, Peter. Thanks, anyway! I ended up figuring out the problem. A friend of mine suggested publishing instead of exporting PDFs. I tried that, and noticed other OpenGL rendered viewports were working fine. Compared properties and found 'Project Screen Objects' had been checked on the viewports that were not exporting properly...
  11. Chris_W

    Sheet Printing

    Hi Peter -- Thanks for the response. I want to be careful about uploading this particular file, but I'm happy to share a screen video... It's weird, because some the elements are there, and then they disappear. The top viewport is OpenGL, the bottom is wireframe.. bandicam 2019-05-02 09-35-19-927.mp4
  12. Chris_W

    Sheet Printing

    Hello -- I'm currently using Spotlight 2019 to draw a special event. My drawing has plan and front view PDFs, with production elements such as lighting, audio, staging, etc... I have a sheet setup with two viewports, one of which is rendered in OpenGL. When I print the sheet (or export a PDF, image, etc...), the OpenGL viewport is wonky. It only shows the PDF, none of the other elements I have put in. Thoughts?
  13. Chris_W

    Seating Section

    That's what I'm currently doing. I currently have three PDFs layered/cropped/clipped to give me a very nice plan drawing, which I have 3D objects. I'm fairly new to VWX, but I'd imagine that I could take the full cross section drawing, 'hang it' vertically at the end of the plan drawing, and use a viewport to show a cross section that has my production and the PDF drawing.... is that how you would do it? Breaking the seating out into 3D was more me just trying to do something new, not really a job requirement in this particular case.
  14. Chris_W

    Seating Section

    Hello all, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.... I'm working with a set of architectural drawings that are PDF imports. They include plans and cross sections of seating areas, which I would like to try and build in 3d... The way I'm trying to do it seems a little messy... trace the cross section, rotate vertically, place over the plan, and then somehow slice the plan view into rows and give those respective Z-axis...?


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