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  1. FWIW - I was just cussing about the same thing... I had mistakenly turned off 'snap to object'. Makes sense... all is better now... Although weird that a section viewport still snapped. . .
  2. Hello all...Quick question... All of my OpenGL Viewports look very low res. I'm not sure what the cause and solution is?
  3. Sorry, I've been absent from this conversation! These look like great options! ...I never thought I'd be so excited to spend this much money on a printer, but here we are! :p @Markvl - The extra feed tray is pretty slick. Curious, do you know if you can create a publishing set that will use different trays for different sizes? What about using different printers? I'm travelling without VWX at the moment so I can't check myself...
  4. That looks like quite the machine! Awesome note on using pigment inks, I'll have to keep that in mind.
  5. Hey everyone -- Curious if anyone has a favorite small plotter? I'm looking to buy something for my home office that can do Arch D 36"x24" prints.
  6. I had about 30 seconds to try VWX 2020...and couldn't find where they put the dang seating tool! Will report back later. 😛
  7. I'm not real familiar with Data Records... You mean in the Object Info pallet? I don't see a measurement field in any of the different formats?
  8. You guys rock! Thanks for the guidance. A couple of questions... mind you this is coming from someone who isn't super familiar with this type of projection... (I'm an audio guy...don't tell anyone...) While using this file with the screen tool, it seems the widest lens option available is .64, don't these lens' go down to .3? Do I need to just put it in as a custom value? Also - It looks like the projector is placed below the floor. The only way to fix it is by putting the screen up high (Z=6'), which isn't physically possible in this room. Typically when I see these set up, they are close to inline with the bottom the screen... am I missing something? Changing alignment to bottom of screen doesn't really seem to do anything but change where the cone is. At the end of the day, I just need to know how much room to leave behind it. The 3D render isn't terribly important.
  9. Broh. This is amazing! Are you able to put them in the screen tool or do you just drop them in as objects? What about adjusting for different screen sizes?
  10. Hey guys -- Anyone have any tips on ultra short throw projection? I'm working on a drawing and need to draw an ultra short throw with a mirror'ed lens. Any way the screen tool can do it?
  11. @swcreative - Yeah, that's my move as well. Interesting that you let it redraw the boundary box though. I typically don't - by the time I'm adding one or two more chairs, I've finessed it quite a bit and don't want it to undo what I've done elsewhere... I also refrain doing any refilling, for the same reason... This project was a particular suck - the client wanted four different types of chairs modelled around three different stages, so 12 drawings. Each drawing had three seating sections (LCR, so sometimes you could mirror L/R, but not all the time....)... Hence my push to learn the seating tool and become as efficient as possible and reduce as much tweaky/manual work as possible... turns out the seating tool isn't about that life... I see where it would be a pain to write an algorithm to do it. It's a great example of 'what we see is apparent, but very hard to describe within a programmable rule set.' I do a few shows a year that center around artificial intelligence programming... I'd be curious what would happen if...
  12. Great advice, guys. Thank you. I'm picking up what you're putting down... the amount of finesse time in the boundary box is about equal to amount of time it would take to just draw it. BTW, totally different topic... you guys know of a way to automatically the count the number of objects in a given area and drop it in a text box? 😛 Just kidding, I can do some research on the report features. Thank you all for the help!
  13. @klinzeyRight. But wouldn't increasing the Distance Past Boundry a bit solve that? Maybe I don't understand how that number works, because the more I add to it, the more out of whack the seating gets, but it doesn't seem to add chairs there... this is Distance Past Boundry set at 12"
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