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  1. Hey Everyone, So I recently got a VW file from a colleague for an event I am designing. I spent time reclassing everything to match my workflow and I ran into an issue where I cant place couches, chairs, and other elements into the drawing. All I keep getting is an error message saying "This symbol is using a story bound that does not exist." Has anyone else run into this issue? Is this an easy fix or do I have start over again? I have attached a screenshot of my screen with the error message. Thank you in advance.
  2. A SMITH


    I am working on a site design for an outdoor festival and I am trying to model some of the feature around it such as the road, sidewalk, boulevards etc. The sidewalk i made with polylines which I extruded to 8" to the specified height. I applied a concrete texture on it but I am only able to see it in 2D - top plan - not 3D. I then tried to convert the sidewalk portion into a symbol, which i selected as slab, then set the Z height to 8" but I am still unable to see the texture in 3D only in 2D. I am currently using Spotlight and was wondering if anyone knew of a method to see the texture in 2D and 3D? See the images below and working file. Thanks in advance everyone. A Smith PARK FEST WORKING.vwx


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