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    Hi Jim, I have attached the DxDiag file as requested and also taken a few screenshots to show what I am experiencing. The resource browser image shows when Vectorworks opens it has the render textures in the favourites file as normal however this is a default template opening in Vectorworks so when I have tried to use my template file (this is a copy of one I use on my PC) the render textures do not show up in the resource browser. I then shut Vectorworks down and reopened it to draw a shape to extrude and as you can see although I have the render textures available this time in my resource browser I still can't add a texture through the object info. I'm not sure whether it is anything to do with the laptop as the specs are miles ahead of what I currently use on my PC and I was wondering whether it is something I may have done wrong on the install, however, I did use the install wizard. Just as an add-on to this I have realised whilst doing these screenshots renderworks did not show up in the licensed products, however, I've reopened Vectorworks and the renderworks license is shown but I still have the same problem. Any help would be appreciated thanks Marc DxDiag.txt
  2. MHardman


    I have tried to install Vectorworks 2014 onto my laptop however it has installed but won't let me access the Renderworks package features and won't let me add textures to any of my objects. The laptop is running windows 10 and I have heard some people have problems with this before. Can anyone help me understand why this is the case Thanks for your help


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