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  1. Thanks for the quick answer! I'm still getting the same error message. Maybe it is some other issue... I may try to reinstall VW. Thanks again! Edit: Reinstalling did not fix it either...
  2. Hello there, I'm struggling a little bit here. I want to use a marionette halftone script and it does show me a error message regarding PIL. I guess this is because of Python Pillow? I tried to use your installer network and still can't manage to install it. I attached a screenshot with the corresponding error message. Any ideas how to fix this? (I hope I'm on the right train here, since I am not really sure this is the problem...) Greetings bgf
  3. Yeah, dark mode for windows users would be nice. Is there any information about the current develoment status?
  4. Nice script! Were there any changes in VW 2018, 2019 or 2020? Is there now a way to set "Use at Creation" to active? Regards, B
  5. Got it! Thanks anyway!
  6. Hello again! Here is the non-student version of the marionette script. It is just a partially developed script so I can test the settings. Thanks! Ben
  7. Hello there! I'm trying to generate a marionette script for automatically naming and generating classes. What I want it to do is, that a class is generated, and the selected object is put into the class. The naming scheme is mostly the same, so I tried to generate a dropdown menu and based on your choice there should be another choice. At last you put a text label in the third part of the name. So for example: part a, part aa, my text. I tried to put a few nodes together, but I am new to marionette. So I have the problem that once I select the first choice, the second is not determined by that and it does not work as intended. In general the way this marionette works is incredible! I really do enjoy playing around with scripts and nodes in the forum, but since I am not educated in this field (yet), maybe someone with more experience can look at the attached file (it is a student version .vwx) and help me out! Thank you in advance! Kind regards Ben
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