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  1. Hi James, Thank yuo so much for the help. I got an extention on my acound. Installed wv2020 and it's all working perfectly. All the best, Henry
  2. Hi James, Ah yes, my accound runs out in a months time. I've requested an extention as I'm still studying till August so I'll wait on that. Thank you very much for th help. All the best, Henry
  3. Hi James, Thank you for the reply. I've checked and I don't have it under "all menus" either. On the Enscape download it says it's for Vectorworls 2020. I checked for updates and there are not. Do I need a different installer for vw2020? I'm using the Sutdent download and I can't see the latest one Thank you for your help, Henry
  4. I'm trying to use enscape and the only way I can find to add it is through the "third-party" button. Yet my vectorwords doesn't have one? It should be next to "Plug-ins". Anyone know of this problem?
  5. Hello, I'm having the same problem. I've uploaded the student I.D. photo to my profile, but it's till saying my licence has expired. I've tried reentering the serial number yet that doesn't help. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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