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  1. Thanks for the response Justin.


    I did notice the missing weights of the corner blocks and added that in manually. I know the database is expanding and information sharing, in our industry, moves slower than most.

  2. I did notice in the object info window for each item that the cross section type was different but that they were both "connectable" with each others type. They are all Tyler truss elements. When you say "It might be easier to change the truss types in future." you mean change the manufacture? It is for reference anyway. It is ultimately ground support but we are intending to use hoists to lift for the build. I was making sure the truss was working before adding hoists. I have struggled with braceworks at times and learned to take it in parts.


    I also have to "attach" decks to the structure. In real life they will be secured with hardware and straps, but how would get that weight represented correctly? Would the best thing be to add a distributed weight load to the structure?


    Thanks for your time Scott and anyone reading!



  3. Hi All,


    Looking for some help and direction. I am trying to estimate the weight of a truss grid with decking. Its a 36' (L) x 12' (W) x 12' (H) grid out of Tyler 12" truss. I am stuck at the first layer with the truss connections. I keep getting a warning "Cross section types do not match". I read a few posts about corner blocks and I have tried to use the correct corner blocks for the drawing and not what I am using in actuality, ie 5-way verses 3-way. I have attached a screen shot of where i am at currently....

    Truss grid trial_1.png

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