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  1. I'm on the Win platform, and starting VW I get the message that "some QTime compenents aren't installed" and full functionality is not available. The dialog suggests reinstalling QTime with all options selected... I'd rather not bloat the system, and I'm too lazy to go through and check different QTime selections to figure out which are required. Is there a list of the QTime options necessary for full functionality of VW? Better yet--is there a listing somewhere of what each QTime option allows VW to do? Thanks. Paul Skidmore PSArchitecture
  2. Well, My two cents... I stay updated with all the drivers, and VW still crashes intermittently. Not enough that it's a major problem, I just have autosave turned on, and save alot (it's become second nature to save after every few edits). It seems to have gotten a bit worse with the upgrade to SP2. I give VW the benefit of the doubt. It's a complex system, and code bugs are expected. Still it would be nice to have a solid platform... Paul Skidmore Windows XP SP2
  3. Hi All. Is there a way to select multiple occurances of symbols or PIO's that are embedded in a wall? For instance, I'll try and generate a schedule, but there always seems to be one or two additional objects included in the schedule that I have a hell of a time finding and deleting. Any suggestions? TIA Paul Skidmore Windows XP VW Industry 10.5
  4. I'm sure this has been discussed previously, but couldn't find it on the site. Is it possible to substitute the typical fractions (1/2, 1/4, etc) in the dimensions command with their comparable "glyphs", i.e. instead of using 3 characters to display the fraction, use the single character that is usually included in the font? TIA Paul Skidmore PSArchitecture
  5. I think in Windows, you can associate the file to open with any program by right clicking on the file, and selecting "Open with..." This will take you to the program selection box. Click the little box in the lower left hand corner that asks if you want to use this program to open the file all the time otherwise, it will revert to the default program to open it the next time. Then click "Browse", find the program that will open the file, and double click it. That should do it. If not you can always use "regedit" and manually change it! Not for the weak of heart!
  6. This is a known bug with PIO's (at least I hope NNA is aware of it). It has nothing to do with fonts, but everything to do with layer scale issues. I find the incorrect text size to be a persistent problem. I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed in VW10. As it is, I hate this. Too often, I'm in a hurry when plotting out files for clients that are expected in 5 minutes, only to find that I didn't run the regen pio's before plotting. For my sanity, and to save the environment, please NNA, fix this!
  7. Not really too difficult...I think. If the drawing is 3D in ACAD, it should come through as 3D using the import capabilities standard with VW. Just make sure you select the 2D / 3D option in the the import dialog box. I tested this with a 3D acad file (converted from VW into a DWG, then imported back into VW). Work pretty well. Good luck. Paul Skidmore PSArchitecture
  8. Running VWA 9.5.2 on WinXP. I swear the autosave "feature" causes the bulk of the crashes I experience in VWA. I've never recieved confirmation of this from NNA, but other users have concurred. I can see why, I think--when your in the middle of a complex operation, and the program requests an autosave, so much can go wrong. While editing a polyline, for instance, the program aborts suddenly for no apparent reason except that it was time for autosave. So I've disabled the autosave feature, and crashes have dropped significantly. My question is: with version 10, has anyone experienced similar problems with the autosave? This would be a nice feature to have work properly, and might be worth the upgrade price. Thanks,
  9. I had similar problems with horrible slowdown. Reinstalled VW, even Windows, to no avail. Still too slow. Through trial and error, I discovered that a driver I had recently installed seemed to be the culprit. If I remember correctly, it was the Wacom Graphire tablet driver that screwed things up (or it could have been the Matrox Millenium driver). Reloaded an earlier version, and problem disappeared. Have you updated any drivers lately, or added new hardware? And Katie, for what it's worth, saying that 40 undo's is excessive seems relatively insensitive to users. This is a supposed "feature" of VW, and implying that the way I use the program is the reason for the problem is weak. If the "feature" is not robust enough (or at least limited in some way), to handle user preference, it should not be extolled as a feature, or it should work as expected. This is not the user's fault. I'll get off the soapbox now. As always, your prompt replies and involvement in the forum is appreciated.
  10. Well-- I installed the latest beta version of Vectorworks today, and it appears that at least on the Windows platform the font resizing problem has been fixed. Good work DGI! MikeB-Have you downloaded the latest Beta version (I think it's 8.5.2b9)? It could be a difference in platforms, but I haven't extensively tested this aspect of the program. Regardless, it is _definitely_ better than 8.5.1. I also like the fact that when zooming in or out, the text doesn't expand or contract outside a bounding box. Now, if only we can get editing in place (for rotated text).
  11. Thanks-- determined that my modified workspace was somehow corrupted!?! Created a new workspace, made my changes, and the VectorScripts seem to work just dandy now! Good deal.
  12. I operate on the Windows platform, VW 8.5, and I am generating Vectorscript errors from included scripts. Specifically, AEC Project Setup scipt with a "SONOFSETUP DOMENUTEXT -- Menu cannot be found" and also with the ID tool (Both from the toolbar and from the pallette, which comes back with the error message "Error: UPDATEOBJS - Unable to parse Search Criteria. (R IN [RECNAME[CHOICE]])|Right bracket expected." Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  13. I operate on the Windows platform, VW 8.5 and like to use "Comic Sans" True Type Font. I set the default size to 9 pt. on the drop down menu. However, throughout the drawing process, the font size changes incrementally, so that if I select the text, the 9 pt. menu item is now unchecked, and going into "Custom size" shows the font as 9 pt., but the size is somewhat different. Screws up any tables and alignment. Any suggestions?


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