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  1. Yes, I am using Saved Views and ViewPorts. But I also have the same problem when I try to edit the design layer directly.
  2. All objects I'm trying to select are on the same layer. the drawing is 2D only---top/plan only. Layer and Class options are set on SHOW/SNAP OTHERS. Sometimes when I set SHOW/SNAP/MODIFY OTHERS I can select other classes, but then it goes back to Active Only. For a brief period after I unchecked the HARDWARE ACCELERATION in Preferences, I was able to select objects in other classes. but now it's back to Active Only. I have already replaced the registry Preferences file with a backup, but no joy. Is there a Windows Registry setting that I can change manually to make SHOW/SNAP OTHERS the default for classes? I'm getting desperate here!
  3. I have tried SHOW/SNAP/MODIFY OTHERS and sometimes it works, but mostly not. In effect my VW seems to be permanently set on ACTIVE CLASS ONLY. If no one else is having this problem, I think I'll try to install my backup Preferences in the registry, and see if that helps.
  4. VW 12.5.1 on Windows XP Since updating to 12.5.1 I have been unable to select any visible objects that are not in the active class. Both Class and Layer settings are on SHOW / SNAP OTHERS. Consequently, I have to right click and choose FORCE SELECT. This is getting to be a nuisance. Is this a known bug, or is there some setting I can fix?
  5. The large-format printer used by my print service seems to have only one resolution setting at 400dpi. When I sent them PDFs at 300dpi, the dots were spread out to fit 400dpi, making the lines look grey. My solution was to create the PDFs at 600dpi, the next higher option. Now the dots are compressed down to 400dpi, and the lineweights look correct. It would be nice for PDF to have a 400dpi option, so we wouldn't have to waste those extra 200dpi making the file size unnecessarily large.
  6. Video adapter: ATI GL-X1 1MB memory Hard drive: 32GB free space Workspace: created from standard Architect A few months ago a corrupted Workspace.qtr file repeatedly caused palettes to disappear. I now keep a backup WS file. But the problem hasn't happened since I removed a 3rd party PIO. Now the whole system locks up on random occasions while zooming or panning. Somehow that doesn't suggest to me a PIO cause, but I could be wrong. :-) I'll continue searching for the culprit, but the variety of error types makes it seem to be a deep or complex issue. Sometimes the crash or lockup is preceeded by a slow-down of response time similar to a memory leakage, but I haven't been able to find any evidence of memory leakage or resource hogging.
  7. Ray: I didn't uninstall QT, but I did install the update. I was hoping that would fix the Qucktime.qts file. Does anybody know the function of that file in VW? Most of the other file types in VW are .QTR extension. Is there a way to get the Quicktime.qts file replaced without a complete QT update? Islandmon: These are relatively small and simple 2D drawings (4.5MB and 10MB). Is there a relatively simple and painless way to find non-closed objects, or corrupted PIOs? Thanks for the suggestions
  8. Katie VW12.5 on Windows XP; 1GB memory; ATI GL-X1 graphics card VW continues to crash daily. There seem to be at least two scenarios. As reported before, VW sometimes locks up while zooming or panning. No error message. Event Viewer utility says error 1000, Faulting module Quicktime.qts. Fault address 0x0009fd5d. Error 1002, address 0x000000000. During the lockup VW was using 50% of CPU time. On other occasions, while drawing something as simple as a rectangle, I get an Application Error: "VW has requested Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way." As you suggested before, I have updated the video driver to the latest version dated 9/9/05. I have also updated to the latest version of Quicktime 7.1.3. Another recent error message said: "Instruction at 0x66868d14 references memory at 07ffddfff. the memory could not be read. I ran a memory diagnostic and everything passed. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  9. VW 12.5 on Windows XP Since the upgrade to 12.5 VW has been crashing regularly during mouse-wheel zooming and other intensive read/write operations. The Windows Event Viewer shows an application error, event ID 1000: "faulting module quicktime.qts version 7.0.2" I had previously "trashed the preferences", so I installed an update to QT 7.1.3. Shortly thereafter, it crashed again. Any suggestions will be appreciated and duly considered.
  10. OK, you can ignore my whining. I finally got a very simple worksheet to look right on drawing. But it wasn't easy. thanks again for the help.
  11. VW12.5 on Windows XP Thanks for the help guys. I don't use worksheets often enough to buy the OzCad tool. The built-in WS would be fine for my purposes if I could get a couple of basic operations to work properly: 1. While editing, I drag & resize the cells to fit the contents. But when I put the WS on drawing, the new size doesn't stick. Sizing the cells numerically by pixels is much more difficult for me than visually adjusting the sliders. 2. In the current case, I want to have two one-line columns and one three-line column. In the 3line column, I haven't found a way to "return" within the cell. The only method that works is to add spaces until the auto-wrap function returns to a new line. Am I missing something obvious?
  12. VW12.5 on Windows XP After export to PDF, Adobe Acrobat 6 says: "there was a problem reading this file." In Acrobat the drawing is blank except for part of the border.
  13. VW 12.5 on Windows XP I have always found the VW Worksheets to be difficult to be difficult to manipulate. The VW 12.5 version is much better than before, but still not very adaptable to my needs. In any case, I quickly created an Equipment List in Excel for distribution by email in 8 1/2 x 11 format. Now I want to put in on the Equipment drawing. The layout is already perfect, so I tried to paste it as an image, but the image quality was poor in both JPG and PNG at 300dpi. A) So I imported the data into a VW worksheet and reformatted everything. I carefully resized the column widths (by pixels) until they looked right in the editor. But after I saved and placed it on the drawing, the column widths were back to the original size. I tried to grab and move the column dividers as in Excel. But after I moved a few, it started displacing some already moved. B) I changed some text to Bold in the editor. But when placed on the drawing, the bold font had changed from ARIAL to another font style like ACCENT. C) After data entry, I would like to be able to rescale the whole WS to fit the space on the drawing. But I couldn't find any way to do it, except to change font sizes, and then to cover parts of the WS with a white box to hide parts duplicated elsewhere. Any suggestions to avoid future wheel-spinning would be appreciated.
  14. VW12.5 on Windows XP Me too. Formatted text blocks created in VW11, imported to VW12. In VW12.5 tabs display as boxes. Haven't tried to print yet.
  15. At least since VW10 the Export to DWG dialog says "Older DXF/DWG versions normally use colors to indicate line weights. Version 2000 files have True Line Weight support, so you may not want to choose this option." I construed this warning to mean that, by not choosing the "colored line" option, my lineweight data would be automatically embedded in the DWG file by default, and would be visible on-screen in AutoCAD without any need for the recipient to move a CTB file into the Plot Styles folder. Apparently I misconstrued the situation, because my exports don't automatically display lineweights, even with the LW command ON. So what I'm trying to find out is this: is AutoCAD 2006 still not comparable to VW in ability to display WYSIWIG lineweights rather than pen plotter settings? I'm aware that most ACAD users are still working in the 1980's mode of drawing with layer colors instead of True Line Weights. But surely the world standard CAD software is more sophisticated than that! Am I wrong? If so, I will go back to exporting layer colors in a separate CTB file. At least that way my lineweights will print.
  16. There?s a counterpart to Moore's ?law,? this one attributed to Nicklaus Wirth: Software gets slower faster than hardware gets faster.
  17. Katie (aka Sherlock) In about six or seven years, I don't think I have ever successfully exported lineweights to DWG or DXF format. At first I assumed the problem was with AutoCAD's non-wysiwig backwardness. But in recent years ACAD has been able to display lineweights on screen as well as in prints. When I export base sheets for my consultants it doesn't seem to matter to them if my lineweights are all the same. But when I have to submit final DWG files to government agencies, it gets embarrassing, even though they've never mentioned it. While I'm griping, arrow heads don't display or print either. Since I'm the only one with this problem, I assume it's due to user stupidity. Can I send you an MCD file and a DWG export so you can show me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  18. VW12.0 on Windows XP This is not a new problem, but I will try again to get an answer to an old vexing export problem. Whenever I export a .MCD file with various lineweights (thick and thin) the DWG 2006 file does not include any lineweight information. I open the file in Brava Desktop translator with the "Show Lineweights" option checked, all lines are the same (thin) thickness. When I re-import the same file into VW12, all lines are the same thickness (thin). My exported DWG files have never displayed lineweights when opened in AutoCAD 2000 to 2004. I don't understand why VW lineweights do not translate into DWG lineweights. Am I doing something wrong? Am I the only one who can't export lineweights? JHEarcht PS---I have tried exporting with the "Map lineweights to colors" button on and off. Still uniform lineweights.
  19. Robert The most likely culprit is VP Magic Wand.vst (class & type)from Vector Plug-ins. I have only used it once since installing it about 5 months ago, and the workspace problem only started in the last month. I'll remove it and see what happens.
  20. Since corruption of my Workspace file has become commonplace, I can now say that the problem occurs after a shut-down and restart during the same day. For some reason, after a night's rest, the corruption doesn't happen---so far, anyway.
  21. VectorWorks 12.0 on Windows XP My workspace was corrupted again after a brief shut-down and re-start. Since this has happened several times, I now keep a backup copy. That fixed the problem for now, but I would still like to find out what is causing the corruption. If anybody is interested, I am holding on to some of the bad .ws files.
  22. VectorWorks 12.0 Designer Series, Windows XP, Pentium 2.8, 1GB memory. All I want for 12.5 is my two front teeth, and the following. 1. I wish VW 12 was not so sluggish (general impression compared to VW11.5) 2. I wish hitting "escape" to get out of a text box would default back to the selection pointer as before. Now I have to hit the X key to get back to the default. 3. I wish the default selection pointer would change to the Pan tool when I hit the Space bar for the first time on a layer. Now it only works if I click the arrow first in a blank space. 3. I wish the Printing dialog had a "minimize" or "print in background" button, so I could continue working while the printer labors away for what often seems like hours. Now I can work in other applications, but not in VW. 4. I wish the Font list in the Object Info Palette would default to the top of the list where the currently used fonts are located. Now it seems to stop a couple of fonts down so I have to scroll-up every time I change the font. A minor nuissance, but a frequent one.
  23. VW12.0 on Windows XP I'm just reporting some annoying things in VW12 that seem to be different from VW11. 1) When I escape out of a text box, the cursor doesn't automatically default back to the selection tool. I have to remember to hit the shortcut key. 2) When I place a PIO object on the drawing, an outline appears at the cursor, which I then place where I want it to go. But later I find that another copy has been placed somewhere on the drawing apparently at the moment of selection of the object. So I have to be on the lookout for extraneous objects to delete. Am I the only one??
  24. VW12.0 on Windows XP When I export from VW to ACAD.dwg version 2002 my line weights don't show up in the DWG file. For engineer's base sheets this is not a problem. But for the clients file set I would like for them to see the correct lineweights. My DWG viewer (Brava Desktop) doesn't show line weights, even with the "show lineweights" option turned on. This is not a new problem. I have never been able to export lineweights to ACAD, even in the latest versions. I don't select the "export lineweights as colors" option because I want to export them as actual lineweights. Is the lineweight information in the file, just waiting for someone on the receiving end to turn them on? Or do I need to do something on my end to ensure that lineweights are in the export file? Thanks.
  25. Bruce My customized WorkSpace file in VW12 has been corrupted twice in the last week or two. VW Tech hasn't yet figured out the cause. So after setting-up my personal workspace again, I now keep a copy of the MyWorkspace.qtr file in a seperate folder as a backup ( along with a copy of my Preferences). I'm hoping that VW12.5 will have this fixed. It's a bummer to have to start again from scratch.
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