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  1. Katie, I'm just checking to see if you dug-up any info about the "Non-Postscript" PDF print option in VW11. Thanks, JE < It says: "This driver supports PostScript but prints non-postscript much faster. The results may have minor differences in appearance. Do you wish to print with non-postscript?" >>
  2. Katie, After I click to Print from the Acrobat print dialog box another dialog pops up with a "VectorWorks" header. It says: "This driver supports PostScript but prints non-postscript much faster. The results may have minor differences in appearance. Do you wish to print with non-postscript?" Thanks for looking into this. JE
  3. Katie, By the way, the "non-postscript" option is not in the Print dialog box. It's a seperate box with a VW header that pops up after I click to print in the Acrobat dialog.
  4. Katie, Adobe PDF is the default printer, set to print to file. It's strange that Adobe and NNA both deny knowledge of this feature which I never saw before installing VW11. It would be a vast improvement in conversion speed, but it still should embed fonts. Where could this new option have come from, if not from VW? I suspect that one of the programmers put it in and forgot to tell anybody. Thanks, JE
  5. Katie, The Adobe Tech is not aware of a "non-postscript" option. It looks like a new feature of VW, which converts to PDF ten times as fast as the standard Acrobat/Postscript driver. So I'd like to know why it doesn't embed fonts in the usual manner. The dialog box has a "VectorWorks" header. It says: "This driver supports PostScript but prints non-postscript much faster. The results may have minor differences in appearance. Do you wish to print with non-postscript?" The driver referred to is the Adobe PDF driver. Can you check on this and let me know if I have any control over font embedding if I bypass the Convert-to-Postscript process? Thanks, JE
  6. VW11.0 Windows XP Adobe Acrobat 6.0 When I print a drawing to PDF from VW, I get a dialog box saying "this file can be printed as Non-postscript . . ." When I select that option the conversion goes much faster than usual with the normal postscript translation. However, the fonts don't embed, so the recipient might not see the text as I intended. Acrobat Help doesn't mention this option. Is it a new feature of VW11? If so, how can I embed fonts while using the non-postscript option?
  7. Mickey, Just so you know you are not alone, I have been having the exact same problem on a dual flat panel monitor Dell workstation running Windows XP. I haven't figured-out if the glitch is in Windows, VW, or the ATI video card. So for now, the best thing to do is follow Katie's last suggestion. Maybe some kind of a Pin in Place for tool palettes would help. JE
  8. Katie, Thanks for the help. I had looked everywhere else, but never thought to look for hatches under Extras. But ain't it always so that you find it in the last place you look? JE
  9. VW11.0 Industry Series on Windows XP When I tried to use a ready-made hatch, as I have done in previous versions, I couldn't find any except the Default hatch. Can you tell me where to find the list of available hatches? If they were left-out of VW11, can I import some from a previous version? Thanks, JE
  10. VW11.0 on Windows XP In previous versions of VW I would save a copy of my preferences from the Registry so I could go back to a known good pref set whenever the registry got corrupted. The current version has a Restore Preferences option, but that would go back to default settings. I want to go back to my custom settings. The current Registry doesn't show any custom prefs for VW, only Default. Can you suggest a way to "Trash" the corrupted preferences, without losing MY preferences? Maybe the next update can add a "Restore My Preferences" option to the Restore tool. Thanks, JE
  11. Robert, Just for future reference, under what conditions should I turn-on the Hardware Acceleration? Is it best reserved for complex 3D work? Thanks, JE
  12. It now seems that the slowdown is related to the Preferences setting for "Hardware Acceleration". When I turn that option off, the tool operation goes back to normal. The Acceleration option has the opposite of the intended effect. I have no idea why the Plant Catalog seemed to trigger the slowdown.
  13. I think both the Tiny Text and the Cropped Text are related to the setting of Large Fonts (120dpi) in Windows XP. Some VW dialogs have text at an appropriate font size. Some have text that appears to be at the normal 96 dpi resolution which makes them look about 6 or 8 points. And some dialogs have text at the 120dpi font size so the words are chopped off because they don't fit in the 96dpi text box. If I change Win XP back to 96dpi fonts all of my apps would have tiny text. So that would just make things worse. I don't suppose there is anything I can do about this. But I'd like to go on record that it is a problem. Should I send some screen shots to BugSubmit?
  14. This problem is limited to VW only. The text in all other apps is large and readable. Most of the text in menus and diaog headers is normal. Only the text in the body of the dialog box is tiny. If something is corrupted it's only in VW. The flat panel monitor is set at default resolution of 1280 x 1024. This would make the text very tiny if I hadn't selected Large Fonts in XP. Could it be that some parts of VW are getting the Large Fonts message from XP and some parts are not? Thanks, JE
  15. VW 11.0 Industry Collection on Windows XP: I added the Landscape tools and menus to my workspace. I clicked on the Edit Plant Catalog tool just to see how it works. I didn't actually put any plants in the drawing. 3 new system folders were added to the Resource Browser. After that all drawing processes slowed to a crawl on a 2.8GHZ Dell workstation. It seemed as if either the 512MB memory was full or the processor was overloaded with calculations. After I removed the 3 system folders from the Resource Browser, drawing processes returned to normal. Is this a glitch, or did I do something wrong? Has anyone else noticed this problem? Thanks, JE
  16. After starting the same drawing this morning, I discovered another new System Symbol Folder in Resource Browser. I removed it, but the drawing tool processes are still very slow. Any ideas will be apreciated. More on the slow drawing processes: The file size is only 1163K Sample process: use Trim tool, select a line, extend to another line, select another line, nothing happens for several seconds, then the rubber band appears and the trim is completed. Normally the process works instantly in real time. If I don't hear any better suggestions, I will remove the Landscape tools from the WorkSpace, and see what happens.
  17. Charles, Thanks for the clarification. I followed your instructions, and now I see how it's supposed to work. Unfortunately, it still has problems. The LR and DR spaces display properly, but the Kitchen space doesn't show as a box or in the matrix. Also the matrix, with only two space names and no area size, is way out of scale on the drawing. I still don't understand why my worksheet with relationships doesn't work properly. It was exported as a text document. I don't know if the worksheet formatting is retained in the .txt file. Anyway, for now I have just done the bubble diagram manually. It's a small buiding, so it didn't take long. Maybe you will have time to tweak the Space Planning tools for the next update. Thanks again, JE
  18. Charles, The User Guide is vague on the process for creating an adjacency matrix in a worksheet. I looked at the .CSV sample and tried to follow that example. But something must be wrong. The exported and re-imported WS is a .TXT file. The WS displays on the drawing, but I don't see any Bubble Diagram. Should I change the extension to .CSV so VW will recognize it as a Matrix? The VW 11 space planning tools seem to be intended to work just backward from what I am used to. For government work, I am given a list of rooms and proposed areas. It would be easiest for me to just enter that data in a worksheet and have VW automatically draw rectangles at the porposed area(I can reshape later, if necessary). Adjacency info is nice but not necessary on small projects. Thanks for your help, JE
  19. I was thrown off by the "Create Space Object . ." note on the drawing. I was expecting to see the objects drawn automatically, or at least to see the Matrix on the drawing. Later, I found the Matrix in the Resource Browser and placed it on the drawing. But I still can't figure out how to get the Matrix to create the Space Objects automatically. Am I mis-reading the User Guide: "A bubble diagram is inserted into a drawing automatically when an adjacency matrix is imported."
  20. Charles, When I export the worksheet as a text file, then Import Adjacency Matrix, I get the note: "Create Space Objects in drawing to see Adjacency Matrix here." But what I'm trying to do is have the Matrix create a Bubble Diagram automatically, as it did in past versions. The Object-first procedure is not appropriate for my needs. I'm trying to follow the User's Guide, but I still seem to be missing something. The Matrix-first procedure seems to be counter-intuitive: create WS, export WS, import Matrix, create Bubble-diagram manually to see the Matrix. Any more suggestions? Thanks, JE
  21. VW 11.0, Windows XP I have learned to be prepared for occasional bizarre behavior in VW due to corrupted Preference file. In the past I have saved a spare copy of my VW Preference settings from the Windows Registry. When I follow the same steps in XP, I find the registry file for VectorWorks/Preferences is "default--value not set". When I export the file anyway, it is essentially empty. I know that VW has a RESET button to restore the default settings. But I want to restore my own personal settings. Any suggestions? Thanks, JE
  22. In VW Architect 11.0 on Windows XP I have created a new VW worksheet to serve as an Adjacency Matrix. Under Windows Menu / Worksheets / New Matrix, Old Matrix. Under Resource Browser / Worksheets / Old Matrix (new matrix doesn't show). I can open and edit it from the Window menu, but I can't use it to create a Space Plan. How can I get the new Matrix to show in the Resource Browser? And how can I get the Matrix Worksheet to show on the drawing? A VW9 version had a "show on drawing" option on the worksheet. Obviously, I am missing something here. If I need to import the WS as spreadsheet file, how can I export it first? Thanks for your help.
  23. Robert, Would it be possible to edit the script for the VW10 Text Note (curved) to work in VW11? Thanks, JE
  24. In VW11, it appears that the Text Note tool has been superceded by the Callout tool. The new tool is nice but I prefer a simple arc leader instead of a compound curve. So I copied the Text Note (Curved).vst file from VW10.5 into the VW11 PIO folder. When I click on the tool in VW11, I get the error message: "VS error occurred on this locked plug-in . . ." Is there a way to make the old tool work in VW11? Thanks, JE
  25. O.K. is there any way to get the Callout tool to do a simple arc instead of a Bezier or Cubic spline curve? Thanks, JE
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