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  1. Katie We had the slowing down of machines as the day progressed but this seems to have been resolved with 10.2.4 & VW 10.1. Our problem now (apart from speed) is that machines are crashing without notice and not for any seemingly obvious reason. This is happening at anything from half-hour intervals. It is not happening on machines that we have not upgraded (sic) to VW 10.1. This is losing us serious time, money and morale. Perhaps you could suggest to your R&D chaps that they concentrate on getting the basic functions working properly before adding anything else. At least that way you will keep the users you have at present.
  2. Katie I have just tried VW10.1 with OS 9.2.2 and after a few HASP4 hurdles got it working. Unfortunately it was no better. On a 4Mb drawing, when selecting a line, the cursor can take nearly 2 seconds to change from the cross to the 'extend' oblique line. Mistakes or time-wasting results. This is easily the most used tool and it seems ridiculous that it cannot be used instantly. Any other suggestions most welcome.
  3. Katie, The academic exercise of justifying speed is interesting but really not of practical use. Whether the current version of Vectorworks is technically faster than the previous one is not the issue. What concerns me most is that the current Vectorworks (10.1) on the current OS (10.2.4) is slower by far than we work and is causing my staff frustration and me earache. This problem did not arise with VW8.5 on OS 9. My staff believe that Vectorworks is a second rate programme and under the circumstances I find this is hard to defend. I will have to try to keep them pacified until either Apple decides to upgrade or the PC gets the better of us.
  4. Katie, it's very disappointing to learn that VectorWorks with OS10 has actually slowed down in speed very significantly over the previous OS's and that there is therefore nothing that can be done. If this is correct I can foresee thousands of users giving up not only on VectorWorks but on Apple, for purely commercial reasons. This takes VectorWorks from a professional commercial package to a domestic one - a very retrograde step. However, I am told that the VectorWorks 10 for Windows is just as slow........
  5. We are using O/S 10.2.4 Initially constraints don't seem to make a difference. I will check more fully tomorrow with the staff.
  6. The speed that you can draw in VW 10 is anoyingly slow compared to VW 8.5. when trying to snap on and then move lines for example. Snapping onto the ends of lines can be a game in itself. However, 10.1 doesn't help and sometimes even crashes if you try to come out of groups and snap on a line before it has finished. I use a dual gig G4 and still have these problems together with the other 14 seats in our office. Any ideas?
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