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  1. Sorry fellas .... I meant STACKED Wall Components ... don't know how to change the Title.. (I'm a ...rookie....) i.e. have different materials on top of each other that have different heights, levels and finishes and that don't necessarily protrude out over each other.... (Flush finish) ...in fact if I want one to overhang above another ... I should be able to do so as well.... now that I think about it. Best regards...
  2. Hi guys! Forum Newcomer and new born Spanish Beta tester here! Please forgive me if I don't convey my queries properly in english ... my technical knowledge (and work) is in a Spanish speaking country ... anyhow. Wanted to kick off my contributions with something I find VW lacks since wall components came along .... As an architect .... this is kind of a necessity when trying to impress clients and define room esthetics ... For instance trying to incorporate different finishing materials (stone, wood, carpet or textile etc..), flashings, running boards etc ..... that may have the same outer finishing dimensions (stacked finish or wall thickness) for a given room ... that can be easily edited in: thickness, vertical location from the floor level and material height etc... I always end up trying to 'paste' secondary walls or extrudes (more cumbersome) on top of each other and having subtract solids for windows, doors etc.... and hate having to retrace my steps or edit the composition or finish afterwords... Is there anything in the works in that sense coming soon? Also that maybe be a spin off ... floor tiles (ceramic, wood, concrete etc..) that can be easily dimensioned (X -Y-Z), textured (including grouting) .... in SLAB object components... Well ... thats my penny's worth .... Maybe this idea starts an interesting discussion since I couldn't find it here... (I'm a newcomer ... don't forget ... maybe I missed it...) I find this a vital item that's lacking (tool wise) .... in my daily endeavors and would GREATLY appreciate it. Best regards to all... DonM Here's a sample idea...


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