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  1. We had held back moving to 2020 until now, but our hand is being forced by remote working and syncing with cloud services. I had installed it last fall, but only really poked around a bit. Yikes! The iconography / UI is terrible. These new icons suffer from the classic blunder of trying to make things "realistic" rather than understanding the basic tenets of UI and icon design – namely legibility over realism. I've seen this a number of times over the years, typically with either disastrous results, or a sheepish backtracking to earlier UI elements. This UI "update" feels like it was well-intentioned, but misguided, and not designed by an experienced UI designer. Icons don't need to be pretty, they need to be legible. Please, Nemetschek, bring back the old icons (at least as an option for those of us not using dark mode), so we can all get work done in the mean time. *Then* get a new team to work on a proper redesign (Iconfactory, or frogdesign, or someone with a great track record) for the "proper" rollout.
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