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  1. Hi Tony Thanks for your reply but if I add 3 of the same mix from the resource manager to a drawing and want to update all 3 mixes how do I do this? When I change it via the landscape area settings it only updates the one I have selected. They are not behaving like a style in which all of them would be updated they are behaving as unique objects within the drawing which is not very helpful when you decide to change a mix you have used numerous times and want them all to change? (I can't find a way to select a specific mix that has been repeated either using the magic wand?). There does not seem to be a replace function like you can do with plant symbols and if I update the mix in the resource manager this does not update the areas I already have in my drawing. I have been exploring the data tag tool - this does seem more useful!
  2. Is it possible to make landscape areas into styles that can be used multiple times across a drawing, this would save us so much time when we have to change or amend landscape areas that have been repeated across a drawing as we could update the style rather than having to do each individual area.... unless I am missing something and there is a way you can do this already?! Also leader lines seem to have a mind of their own.... how can you set them up to always go from the middle of the landscape area and not jump about when you use eyedropper tool!!?


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