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  1. @dennisondesigner transfer using Vectorworks staff and official documents , so full ownership of the license is transferred to you, and registered as yours with VW, yes you get the full serial number etc, I shall pm you
  2. @dennisondesigner I have VW 2020 Architect license for sale if you are interested
  3. @Matster lots of chrome tabs notorious for slowing down a computer , check this link out 🀣
  4. milezee


    @lucyg I don't think its possible (maybe I'm wrong?) , can you request from the person who supplied the files to save them as 2019 VW file ?
  5. @rDesign what he said above ☝️, Twinmotion will give you what you're looking for , its still free too πŸ‘
  6. @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD yes quite a journey , some nice work there Jonathan, just watching the latest Twinmotion vid on You Tube, you get a nice mention at 30.30 in πŸ‘
  7. @Matster i think both those will run most CAD softwares fine, but the 20 Chrome tabs will suck the life out of any machine 🀣
  8. VW just needs a direct export/import with SKP files, all this messing around with other file types is just messy 😣, I'm a Rhino user too, the exchange both ways is so simple, it just works πŸ‘
  9. @avyclaire experienced this last week too, VW sooooo needs a direct export option to Sketchup file type πŸ˜‘
  10. @Boh i think its where i'm putting the loci, struggling to understand it, i've been trying a simple hexagon tile, can't get it to work πŸ˜•
  11. @Boh yeh followed the guide, set up 3 loci points, will try duplicating and editing from there, cheers πŸ‘
  12. @Boh have you tried getting this to work using your own custom made symbols ? I tried and it just hangs my machine, have to force quit, the command starts, tells me how many shapes it is going to generate, but then just get a beach ball spinning away πŸ€” @M.Graf TH-OWL any ideas ?
  13. @Boh very clever little tool, so many uses πŸ˜ƒ am scared to change too much in case i break it 🀣,
  14. @M.Graf TH-OWL thanks for this, its a very useful tool πŸ‘ @Boh yes going to mess around a bit more, completely new to Marionettes so guessing what I can or can't change. Can we add new classes with image fills etc ?
  15. @MAD-LD really good to know, thanks for the info, my 2014 MBP is on its last legs I think, so very tempted to move onto the new 16" MBP love the icons by the way, already being used on 2019 & 2020 πŸ˜€
  16. 3x VW Architect 2020 licenses for sale, (English, UK). VSS ended in December but I believe can be added again. (can be regressed to 2019 if needed as was originally purchased in 2019 with full VSS), the licenses are Architect/Renderworks/Fundamentals. Would prefer to sell all together but would split if needed. (I will cover the cost of the Β£150+VAT fee charged by Vectorworks to transfer ownership of each license) edit- only 2 remaining !!! !!! ALL NOW SOLD !!!!
  17. @MAD-LD nice πŸ‘, question if I may, how are you finding the new 16" MBP for CAD or CGI work ?
  18. @Boh yeh it seems its the perimeter objects which don't retain the new fill colour after they been trimmed, have tried it with image fills too, same result, have left a comment over on the @ComputerWorks page, maybe they can advise, or a workaround, cheers for this anyway, its a very useful tool πŸ‘
    firstly, many thanks for this, great tool πŸ‘. I am new to Marionettes, very interesting. What I'm trying to do is use this for flooring layouts, mapping carpet tile finishes, follow this link to other forum chat . So adding different colours/finishes to the tiles, I edited one of the symbols as a test, added different colour fills in the attributes panel, it seems to only part work, or am I doing something wrong ? screenshot attached, tia
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