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  1. thanks for the heads up @line-weight, sounds frustrating, long term bugs aren't the best for workflows. We may purchase Artlantis Studio aswell. From the quick research I've done it is supposedly a quicker learning curve, cheers
  2. @David S these look nice with the slight 'pastel' effect, thanks for the input, cheers 🍻
  3. @Kevin Allen thanks for chipping in Kevin 👍
  4. Hello Forum, in our office we have just made the decision to make the move to Vectorworks as our primary CAD software. So there will be 3 of us on the design team learning a new software package, which will be an interesting challenge 😝. We also do a small amount of rendering at early tender stage to support our bids on winning contracts. Not super high end photo-realistic, just nice concept CGI's. We design and fit interior and FF&E packages on large commercial projects. So bearing in mind we are switching and learning a new CAD package, my question is this, would using Artlantis for our renders be a little simpler than mastering the Renderworks inside of VW ? Is there more of a learning curve in one or the other? tia, cheers
  5. @Jim Wilson Hi Jim, thanks for chipping in, we have specified an Nvidia Quadro P2000 GPU. I'm not a tech/hardware expert, just understand some basics. My main concern was running Renderworks on the above CPU, as it doesn't utilise hyper threading. Our scenes are generally small to medium interiors, office spaces etc, certainly not huge 1gb models. Would there be a big difference for Renderworks if we went with a hyper threading CPU ? Which choice below would be better ? Or maybe I'm just splitting hairs here :-)) Intel Core i7 8086K 6 core, 12 thread, or Intel Core i7 9700k, 8 cores, 8 threads
  6. We are an interior/FF&E company and looking at switching our software to Vectorworks, we are also looking at new hardware, we have specified this CPU in our new machines, Intel Core i7 9700k, 8 cores, 8 threads, 3.6ghz base frequency. Would this run VW Architect and Renderworks ok ? Our models aren't huge architectural ones, interior scenes with some furniture and a bit of lighting etc, tia :)
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