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  1. Its not good is it, same as many others, ditched Autodesk, went to Rhino & VW, ditched Adobe, went to Affinity products. It's a commercial driven decision, not quality of product driven. Welcome to the future, or the here and now πŸ™„, we will survive πŸ‘
  2. Twinmotion have just added a bunch of parametric stuff like this to their latest release. There are rumours that a live link between VW & Twinmotion is coming soon, but you can still use it by exporting file from VW as C4D or FBX file, and import
  3. Rhino V6 has been out for years now, Rhino V7 WIP is in its final stages and I would anticipate a release by the end of the year πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ , Covid safe environment seating layout πŸ‘ Mark, you should be able to do most of what you require when building up your sets/ehibitions in TM, especially now with this new 2020.2 release πŸ‘. Honestly regarding the direct links I wouldn't even spend any time worrying about it, they have them for Rhino, SketchUP, Revit, Archicad etc, and from my own experience with SKetchUp & Rhino I don't like them. From VW export as C4D or FBX, assign all your materials (just colours if needed in VW) and import to TM with collapse by material, I also see users of the other softwares mentioned above who have issues with the direct links, they need work/development on them, so when the VW/TM direct link comes don't expect miracles, again my 2% of my brain cells worth πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
  5. @chaz the lighting in TM is unusual, at the moment you have to set up 2 scenes, one which is in daylight, and one which is evening, and adjust lighting accordingly on different images you want to render out, you can then work from there, that's how I have been doing it anyways. The sliders on lights only go up to 10000, but you can manually type in say 100000. Also play with the exposure levels slider, still learning myself πŸ‘. One thing TM needs to improve is definitely the interior lighting set ups πŸ‘ edit- try using some area lights in your scene too
  6. I did some playing around with TM and Phasing scenes etc, my 1st attempt but looks promising, not used the latest 2020.2 release yet, need to have a play soon πŸ‘, link below to example Phasing Scene Test TM 2020.1.2
  7. my 2 pennies worth, I have tried/tested the direct links between both Rhino & SketchUp, it's not exciting at all, in fact I go back to importing my models either as SKP or FBX files, it's a more friendly way of getting 3d models into TM and them being more workable. Hopefully in time the direct links methods will improve. Either way, TM has the potential to be a great fast real time render engine πŸ‘
  8. @Pat Stanford thanks for chipping in Pat, I'll stick to doing this kind of thing inside of Rhino πŸ‘, be nice to see something like this possible one day in VW 😁
  9. Hello Forum, I work between Rhino3d & Vectorworks, sometimes I do short animation clips, say 10 seconds as part of a presentation, or for web site use etc. I have a attached a short clip I did in Rhino, is something like this possible inside of Vectorworks ? I haven't even explored or tried the animation tools as yet πŸ€”πŸ€” Assembly Animation 2 (Divider).mp4
  10. @chaz it may be worth sending a bug/issue report to Twinmotion too πŸ‘ (or maybe you have already 😁)
  11. @Hans-Olav yep, tried, and and lost work, so won't be doing that again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, its definitely early days, hopefully with a few bug fixes and optimising in will be much better after after a couple of service patch releases πŸ‘
  12. @rb-arch there's quite a few users experiencing complete loss of files, ie you work on them, you get a crash, then try to open your file again, and nothing, nada, zilch ! have experienced this with one scene too myself. It's definitely not using the GPU in an efficient way either (on Mac), if you look at the statistics it actually shows 0% GPU on some Macs, it shows this on mine, I'm using a brand new 16" MacBook Pro, somethings not quite right with it, 2019 version no problems πŸ‘
  13. @chaz it's not quite stable enough for me to trust on project work, it needs optimising a little more, some of the instability bugs ironing out, it does have a lot of promise to be a great visualisation tool once these initial bugs are sorted πŸ‘
  14. @Tamsin Slatter Hi Tamsin, thanks for taking a look, appreciated πŸ‘. Yes I've just tried to convert to mesh, still looks terribly messy, the back/seat should be a smooth curve, they look slightly jagged. So annoying getting rubbish models like this, I might as well just surface model my own πŸ€ͺ
  15. I have downloaded a piece of furniture from a suppliers online catalogue, 3ds format, imported into my model. It is very 'heavy' manipulating it around, and looks messy as hell visually. Is their a method to optimise objects like this, clean them, smooth the meshes, make it more friendly if you like ? file and screenshot attached, tia Chair Mesh Mess.vwx
  16. could a worksheet just have a highlighted border just like slvp's do to indicate update ??
  17. I'd get a portable hard drive, chuck some of your document files, images, photos, all non essential stuff etc on it. You'll quite quickly run into the same issue again and again if you just start removing the odd downloads and back up files
  18. couple of images I managed to bash out last week, not played with it much since, full architectural scenes are not what I'm after either, interiors/furniture etc, so I'm hoping for it to be optimised and debugged in the next couple of software updates , it's definitely promising, and fun too, and for me that keeps me interested πŸ‘πŸ˜
  19. @grant_PD it takes a bit of messing/experimenting to get the lighting right for interior scenes, I came across a post on one of the TM Facebook pages, user on there shared some his settings, interior scene, can't seem to share the exact post here but have screenshot his images, and the settings used. Basically you need different exposure, GI, light intensity etc for different times of the day. Link to the group page, just type the name Anh Pham in the search box. TM 2020 definitely needs some debugging, and optimising to run a little more efficiently.
  20. @rb-arch I'm hoping that the live link will be standard (if and when it appears) , VSS or no VSS 😊 I use Rhino too and the new link with TM is for all (saying that Rhino is completely free of any of this subscription nonsense) πŸ‘
  21. @Don Seidel yep and the worlds a very different place than 100 years ago, the way we work, the way we travel, our infrastructures are designed for mass movement over short and long distances, populations are much higher, density of people in towns and cities is higher, it's an ideal world if you're a tiny virus wanting to travel a little, in fact it's probably the perfect world for a nasty little virus to get to work and do its thing
  22. 1% of 50 million = 500,000 😩😷
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