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  1. In Vectorworks 2020, Whenever i select an object to try and change its renderworks texture, that option does not show up for any object. I had mapped the textures on my office computer. when i try to work on it at home on my home computer running vectorworks, that option is not available. I'm unsure if it is an interface preference issue, or a renderworks issue. If it is a renderworks issue, I want to know how i can get renderworks to work on my computer so that i can map out all these textures.
  2. so far, my only work around is to save every time i perform an operation and hope that the next operation doesn't freeze the program. I'll check with the Autosave settings and let you know how that affects the performance. Thank you for all your help.
  3. I am using Vectorworks 2019 SP1.1. Now it changes to certain text boxes that cause my program to freeze. It's completely arbitrary.
  4. I am running my computer on MAC OS Mojave. I feel like that might be the problem.
  5. Matt. I've tried it on a second file to see if the problem persisted. It has the same problem. I can work on annotations and draw polylines fine. and move almost all other symbols. It only happens when I click on a dimension to select it. It happens occasionally when I try to move walls. It also crashes when I try to edit section in place.
  6. I've installed the SP1 and every time i try to select a wall or dimension, Vectorworks will freeze and i have to force quit almost every time this happens because it is taking too long to respond.
  7. Vectorworks has been fine for me. Now all of a sudden, any time I select a wall or a dimension, the software freezes. after about 5-10 minutes it may go back to normal, until i try to select a wall or dimension again. For the most part, it'll freeze for up to half an hour and I have to keep force quitting. It's fine with other 2D commands, but this is really driving me crazy and I just want a solution to this problem.
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