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  1. Hi, sadly upgraded to OS10.14 two days ago, no problems at first until I started VW2019. It is incredibly slow, can't work on it. Some ghosting on the screen sometimes during zooming. When selection objects I get the spinning wheel of death for 5 mn each time. Selecting text and it doesn't stop after 5 min. Yesterday all lines from the drawing disappeared from view, could select them but were all invisible. Did update all and at least I can see them but still slow, can't wait 5 min between each command. Tried to downgrade to OS10.13 but my time machine didn't do any backups since March, no idea why. Any solutions for this issue? I am now working on the kids computer on an old version of VW2014. Not ideal. Any help out there how to fix it. Did all updates on OS and VW side. still not better. Just upgraded to VW2019 as the VW2014 didn't work on OS10.13. Now the same issue with the new version. P.S> do not update to OS10.14 if you are on VW, not a good idea at all.
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