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  1. I use landmark and use additional plant records to include information about landscape areas such as seed mixes which then input into my schedules (worksheets). As these detailed soft and hard landscape drawings can get very heavy on larger sites (very painful for my work flow), I would like to split up the drawings into seperate files (eg. soft, hard, specific designed spaces) which I then reference as viewports into a drawing with the sheet layers and worksheets. This helps for a number of people to work on the project at once by splitting up the drawings in this way. This works well until I come to schedule the drawings and the records are not imported although landscape areas and plants are. Currently I have to combine my colleagues drawings before scheduling which is very time consuming and usually crashes. It seems sensible that all data is available from referenced viewports.
  2. Thank you very much for the reply Loretta. The worksheet is based on the preformated worksheet called 'Plant Area Mass Planting'. I'm not bothered about the mixes being in alphabetical order particularly, more that the list plants in each mix sit under the mix name. In my worksheet (1st image), some of the plants are above their mix name. I'm going to do as you suggest and create a header for each plant mix to get around this problem for now but I don't understand why each plant mix name doesn't just come in, with it's respective plant records associated!
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum and just getting to grips with using Vectorworks (Landmark). In the office we've set up a number of landscape areas and set up our schedule based on the pre-formatted landscape area mass planting schedule available. My issue is that I can not sort the mixes as all the area names go to the top of the sheet and the plants within them go to the bottom (IMAGE 1). But if they are not 'sorted' in this manner, then the area names sit beneath the plant records (IMAGE 2). This makes the schedule less legible (as you can see!) I would be grateful for any help on this and look forward to learning more from belonging to this forum.
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