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  1. Hi Katie,

    These problems are happening on multiple machines. We are honestly not running classic and there are no other applications open. I have e-mail a drawing to another VW/OS10 user and they are having the same problems. Can I mail you a drawing so you can see for yourself?

  2. Hi Katie,

    We are running Apple G4 1Ghz Dual 784Mb Ram + G4 400Mhz 512Mb RAM.

    There are no other apps running and we do not use Classic.

    It makes no difference if we work off the server or as a stand alone machine.

    One example of the speed issue is that on a drawing of just under 1Mb when I select a line and put the cursor over the end of that line it takes around about a second to change to a move cursor. This never happened in VW8.5 - it used to be instant.

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi All,

    We have recently updated some of our G4s to OS10.2.2 and VW10. We are having major problems as listed below. Is anyone (or everyone!!) finding this too? Is there anything that can be done? Will VW10.1 sort out some or all of these problems?

    1/ VW 10 works so slowly that it is severely affecting working speed, efficiency and is frustrating. Waiting and checking if the item has been selected is the major issue.

    2/ Selecting items is a hit and miss operation, inconsistent.

    3/ Sometimes when shift is held down, to constrain an object, lines cannot be selected.

    4/ Large drawings can take 5-6 seconds to exit a symbol, also saving and exiting groups is painfully slow.

    5/ We must de-select items and reselect to perform more than one function. I.e. nudge/rotate.

    6/ We have a problem sometimes trying to duplicate items on our server due to ownership privileges which cannot be undone as we cannot identify the originator.

    7/ Using apple-Z more than once can cause VectorWorks to quit unexpectedly.

    8/ Revert to saved can cause VectorWorks to quit unexpectedly.

    9/ Minimising drawings when two are open causes VW to freeze. I.e. can't select anything when maximized again without shutting down or re-opening.

    10/ Palettes disappear sometimes when opening new drawings.

    11/ Pallettes cannot be minimized by title bar

    12/ Double-clicking into a group is annoying. Can we turn it off somehow and access groups through the keyboard only?

    HELP!!!!!!! and thanks

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