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  1. @shorterCould you recommend what is the best exporting IFC for Vectorworks? They have also sent me an IFC and all BIM setting are lost. Walls are imported as solids... any idea on how to resolve this?
  2. I am using Vectorworks 2020 and I am having some issues when I import a RVT file with BIM elements to Vectorworks. Some elements are moved (walls showing above roof, entrance door moved up, etc..) Some elements duplicated - like a fence showing 3 times slightly offset Can someone help me on a way of importing BIM drawings to Vectorworks? Thanks
  3. I need to model a bath as per the below image, please see below: Copenhagen-Bath_specifications_Venø-bathtub-40030005.pdf Could you please let me know which 3D tool is best to use?
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