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  1. Hi community! Designer 2022 user here, and I'm working with a bunch of digital artists who use Photoshop. Our printers can use .ai or .tif files to generate tool paths for our shopbot CNC router (using Vcarve to generate the g code). VW doesn't like .ai anymore and .tif's are imported as image files, and Trace Bitmap has less than desirable results. Anyone know how to get a good clean toolpath from a .tif? I already know that PS can spit out a dxf or dwg, but the people who send me things keep forgetting that. (I'd post the .tif in here, but NDA's won't let me).
  2. No, the objects are on screen, and I can select them too, they just don't show up on the screen. Here is a screenshot of the problem. Same objects selected in plan view and front view, wireframe rendering, orthogonal projection.
  3. Hi all, this problem has probably been addressed before, but I'm having issues with modifying things in 3D views (specifically, from the right) in VW2019. I switch to the right view, and all my stuff disappears. I'm in Wireframe rendering, and I use the X-ray feature (holding B) and nothing happens. I was out of the game for a while (really proficient with 2008) and getting back in 11 editions later has some growing pains. Basically, how do I create an extrude in plan view, then switch to view from the right and keep modifying it? It feels like it should be a simple fix. Thanks.
  4. I just downloaded the 2019 trial version, and every time I open it it crashed as soon as it starts to load a file. Every time. Running windows 10 on a brand new computer, any ideas as to whats causing my problem or solutions for it? For reference, my 10yo laptop can download, open, and run 2019 trial version. It's just super slow, so I got a new computer just for VW. I intend to buy as soon as I can afford it, but need to rock the trial version to get some work done (to get paid and be able to afford the real version). Thanks.
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