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  1. Hi, I had this issue for years, and recently updated to VW2021. Unforntutely the issue remains a problem for me, and now worse in some respects. In previous versions the issue was resolved by closing VW and restarting, but now it seems that won't help (I've tested a few different files). Wireframe it is ok, Open GL also ok, but when using Renderworks Exterior Mode it shifts the geometry of some of the extrudes (to the position they used to be) and now I can't get around it by restarting VW like I used to. See screen shots below where there is a gap in Renderworks mode that doesn't exist in wireframe or Open GL. Now I have to rebuild the blocks to get around it.
  2. @mjm Thanks very much. That seems to have done the trick.
  3. Hi, Updated my iMac to VW2020 SP2 today and it seems like the snapping cues are gone. They were there before. Tried restart etc, but no difference. On my laptop I haven't updated yet and the snapping cues are fine. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi, After going through this thread it doesn't appear to be any solutions, I still have this issue in VW2019
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