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  1. I'm having the same kinds of problems: the printer responds differently from the USB input and the parallel inputs, frequently just won't print, or partially prints, and refuses to delete non-printing documents from the printer spool. I've frequently had to work around this mess by printing to PDF using Primo, then printing the PDF on the HP 9800. These problems seem to be unique to VW (now using 12). This is REALLY frustrating! I've had no problems with older printers, and in fact I have an ancient DesignJet 250 that still works with a little poking and prodding.
  2. I have a hp DeskJet 1220C printer connected via USB. Running Win2000Pro, using V10. When I attempt to print to the 1220C, Vectorworks closes as the file is spooling. I can print normally to my old DesignJet 250C. I have downloaded new driver, and toolbox for the 1220C to no avail. I KNOW that the V10 program printed to my 1220C before I changed to new computer and reinstalled everything. What did I forget?
  3. Bingo! This is also important in fabrication drawings. Although this may not be critical when providing drawings to a facility with the latest generation CNC machines, it is essential for manual machine work when laying out shapes, creating metal spinning mandrels, etc., particularly when my source drawing is a rendering from a third party. It's not a deal killer: I love my Vectorworks; it is just an occassional nuisance
  4. The radius dimension tool should produce the radius of the arc and a center, e.g.: R 0.50" with a leader to the outside of the arc, in the exterior radius mode, or a leader from the arc center to the inside of the arc in the interior radius mode. I have noticed the same effect which BAZZ describes when making a solid, combining elements, etc. The arcs then become linear elements arranged along the original arc, and apparently can't be directly dimensioned. Like BAZZ, I usually overlay the original with an arc using three points, then use the radius dimension tool to indicate both the radius and the center. Is there a better way to do this?
  5. Katie, This is what I found at that address: error page Due to an internal error, we are unable to fulfill your request. Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause. (ErrorCode:CORE2-0001) Any other ideas? Thanks, Doc (Mike)
  6. BAZ.....I have noticed the same thing. I have tried the suggested fix, and all I get is an arc that indicates the angle in degrees. What did I miss?
  7. I have a venerable HP Designjet 250C which I would love to use with VW10. HP apparently no longer supports this plotter, so I have been unable to find a driver compatible with WIN2000Pro/VW V10.....the old driver won't change orientations, among other glitches. Any suggestions?
  8. Downloaded 2.1 driver, successfully installed. Printer works properly....smokes clean, burns bright, exeunt omnes, smiling all the way. Thanks!
  9. Using Win 2000 Pro, HP Deskjet 1220C, USB port 1, HP Deskjet 1120 Driver from HP website download.
  10. I have a problem with V10. When I attempt to print, all screens appear normal, e.g. Print Setup, Print drop-down menu, but when I attempt to print, the Vectorworks program closes. An error window reports unexpected program termination. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program, and downloaded the V10.0.1 upgrade, but still no help. Printer operates normally from any other app, including Vectorworks 8.5 which is still installed in its own directory. This problem occurred after changing to a new computer.


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