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  1. Ah, thank's guys. I'm pleased a have a handle on this aspect now. As a carpenter I use a heap of mouldings.
  2. So I'd like to create a bunch of polyline profiles and have them available in the resource manager for extruding along paths, like skirting board profiles etc. I'm only using Vectorworks a few days now, and have been able to create a blank document and add it to a user > defaults> folder in the resources. Inside I have drawn a polyline profile, and saved. After restating VW, the polyline object is clearly not available from the resource manager when the new file has been highlighted. If I turn the profile into a symbol and save it to the file, then it does become available from the resource manager, but when added to a new document as a symbol it's invalid for extruding along a path. I can see other default files in the resource manager that contain polyline profiles, and when they are added to a new document they come in as poly lines, ready for extruding along a path. So how did they get those polyline profiles to appear in the resource manager?


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