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  1. Thanks for the help...you guys were right, they weren't all 2d polys. It was an easy fix.
  2. I am new to Vectorworks, but am trying to create a DTM. I have scanned in a drawing with the contours on it and traced the contours using the 2d polygon tool. I am now attempting to convert the polygons to 3d contours, but am running into some glitches... When the second dialog box (set elevation) pops up, it selects a random polyline which I set to a certain elevation, then it selects 3 more random polylines and says it's done. Once I am finished, there are only 4 out of 35 polylines that have been converted. How do I convert all the polylines, as well as choose which polyline I would like to start with? If anyone knows why I am having these problems, please let me know! Thank you so much!
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