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  1. @Kingstone I don't think that's compatible with Mojave
  2. Okay, thanks. Is it typical that VW drops product support after two yearly releases?
  3. Has anyone ever had this issue of text becoming unintentionally broken/dashed? I've attached a couple of pictures. Take a look at the bold underlined text in both pictures and notice how the text is dashed. I'm currently running VW2017, I've had this issue since 2016 on different computers, operating systems, and VW installs and have kind of tolerated it until now. I've troubleshot it multiple times, there's nothing like a class or anything that should be making it dashed. However, I've found that it only happens when I put text on top of a rectangle or line with a line type applied, most often when the text and object are grouped. Sometimes, I am able to fix the issue by leaving the text and object un-grouped and by bringing the text to the front. Something I've thought of that I don't think I've tried yet is using a different font, maybe my copy of Graphite Lite may be bad somehow. I can't try it right at this moment because I just now discovered that my upgrade to macOS Mojave has broken VW, which is a real bummer. I plan to try a different stock font once I get VW installed on my Windows partition. However, has anyone else had this issue and fixed it, or can anyone recommend any other troubleshooting steps I take? Thanks, Sam
  4. Are there plans to update VW 2017 to work with Mojave?
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