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  1. Yep, I'm having this problem in viewports too!!
  2. @zoomer Thanks! Ill try that with the reflections now. I'm not sure how to do those crops - I just want to match the viewport to the same aspect ratio/view as what I'm seeing in the design layer - but when moving to a viewport it takes on the aspect ratio settings from the camera, that I didn't see originally in the design layer. I've been trying to find one that matches but didn't know what the quickest way to achieve the same layout as my design layer in my viewport would be? Also I am finding that my exports from the viewport are of a much lower quality - does the size of the viewport on the page affect this? How do I set it up so its the same quality as what I'm seeing when exporting from my design layer? Thank you!!
  3. @BSeigel Sorry to bombard but I have just adjusted these settings, to apply reflections of the Mostly Sunny HDR, as well as a low value in environment lighting - however my window is still showing up as that murky brown/ green colour (in the very far left, seen reflected) as before, and pictured below.... is there anything else I'm missing? I'm still rendering from my design layer as I haven't quite figured out the viewport rendering, if that would make a difference.... also my indirect lighting value is set to 4 bounces, would this affect it? Thanks
  4. @BSeigel I have figured out how to create a viewport from my camer view; but the viewport is a different aspect ratio to my design layer view and so is cropping the top and bottom parts of my image and making it narrower. Does this setting change in the viewport? Or does it export as normal once rendered, ignoring this crop? Thanks
  5. Hi, Newbie here; I am currently trying to export a render of my work as an image file - however whenever I choose the settings and then save, it works for a little while (with the timer counting for a while) and then Vectorworks goes into 'not responding' mode. This has happened every time that I've tried to export. At the risk of losing work I have just left it, and after about 5 hours it unfreezes and the image saves; but surely this is not necessary!! I am exporting at around a 4000x2000 px size, and have tried down to 75dpi (where it has still frozen.) Is there a way to fix this? Thanks
  6. @BSeigel Ok thanks, I'll give that a go. Also in terms of rendering within a viewport - I am currently rendering from a camera view. How to I achieve this in a viewport to render from? Thanks!
  7. @BSeigel I am using the 'Custom Renderworks' setting for my renders at the moment - can I change those settings through that menu? Also I am on windows so have different menus to you! Does environment lighting mean that it will light the whole room? I essentially would like a brighter reflection where it is pictured, without affecting the lighting I have so far.. if anything its too bright already! And if so and I just used it in the environment reflections setting, does this mean it will just show in reflections but not in lighting? Still trying to get my head around it all!
  8. @BSeigel I do actually have one other question - I have a HDRI background outside a window (from the view above, it is behind the camera on the back wall on the right. You can slightly see it showing up in the reflections on the far left of the rendering - I put it there so it would be able to be seen in the reflections facing it; however as you can see its kind of an odd brown colour... this HDRI setting is Daytime Mostly Sunny so I'm not sure why its not showing up right … Do I need to enable it somehow in the render settings? And also, will this affect the overall lighting balance inside my room? ( I want it to stay as close as possible to how I have it now!) Thanks!
  9. @BSeigel Thank you, those are really helpful!
  10. @Jim Wilson oh noo! Thank you, although I'm not really sure how to do that... Also I know that 13 hrs to not even be half done is a very long time - I just don't really have understanding of the different render settings to cut this time down! I'm rendering a lot of glass / reflections but are there any ways to shortcut this? And does the addition of caustics change this time a lot? Its the one main change I've made and its taking ages this time...
  11. anniemitch

    strange black

    @zoomer Thank you, I didn't know that about the reflection shaders - a good tip thanks!
  12. Hi, Newbie here - I have been rendering my work for the last 13 hrs - suddenly I cant see the timer in the corner, and although it hasn't restarted, it doesn't seem to be making progress either.... is there a way to restart this if it has stopped? Argh!! Thanks,
  13. anniemitch

    strange black

    @zoomer Actually, I wondered if there was also a way to make the reflections-of-reflections (etc etc), get darker as they move further down the 'mirror tunnel'. Much like you would see when looking into an actual mirror tunnel.... The reflections look great but there is no sense of depth - that you'd get from having a darker wall behind the actual panel - so wondered if I could cheat this in the reflections?... I've attached pictures from the fast render to show what the glass looks like with dark behind, and then how it looks rendering now... Thanks!
  14. anniemitch

    strange black

    @zoomer I honestly am not sure as I changed a few of the settings at once; I decreased the max no. of reflections to around 24, and re-did all the custom settings to the same again to re-set it ... so maybe it was a glitch? I don't think I know enough about it to have worked it out, but as long as it works that's good for me!! I have posted another thread trying to achieve a HDRI reflection in some of these panes too, perhaps you saw it there. So much to get your head around when new to this software! This is a preview of what Im trying to do - have adjusted lighting etc since this last render thought!
  15. anniemitch

    strange black

    @zoomer Think its solved (for now at least!!) Thanks!


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