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  1. I'm trying to design an experiment that requires a gas-tight seal between a piece of rigid machined plastic (Lexan polycarbonate) and flexible (Teflon PFA) gas line. In the past, we've used a tapered pipe thread (1/8 NPT) adapter for this, however I can't find how to make a tapered threaded hole or adapter in Vectorworks 2008. Unfortunately, the manufacturer's web site doesn't contain a detailed CAD drawing for downloading, and I really need the threads to be accurate. Have I missed this feature somehow?
  2. I'm trying to shell the 'vase' in the tutorials on creating and modfying NURBS. Everything up to now had worked find; I just can't select the top surface; whenever I click on one of the edges, the shell solid preferences dialog box opens, I input the directed dimensions (-3/4"), click OK/Enter, and nothing happens. The top surface doesn't turn red like it's been selected. Clicking on it again returns me to the dialog box with the already-entered values. Pressing 'return' or clicking on the checkmark does nothing!
  3. quote: Originally posted by Katie: You have to have a surface selected in red before you can execute the shell. Otherwise, the program doesn't know what to shell. What type of object are you trying to shell ?
  4. I've just upgraded from VW 9.5 to 10.0.1; in working through the tutorials, I encountered a problem. When I tried to use the 'Shell solid' tool as indicated on the solid addition, VW doesn't highlight the top surface, nor does it execute the shelling operation. [i'm using a Powerbook G4/800, 1 Gb RAM, 60 Gb hard drive. 22" Monitor]. I've looked at the other postings on shell solids, and this hasn't come up. Am I doing something wrong?
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