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  1. Hi there,To minimize the unwanted lines, before you convert copy to lines, it is best when you Render your elevation first(quick or solid rendering will do), change window glazing,e.g. #3. Unless you do this you're in "wireframe" that's why it will pick up every lines even the rear wall. Cheers.Bobby Aranas
  2. Hello Again, Crashed while zooming: 2d/3d will always crash when you zoom that's too large to the grid you've designated. I have just found out today the trick to solve this problem. Go to PAGE dialog/Set Grid. Put ALL symmetry to "0". This means that you have NO GRID on your layer drawing. Then you can zoom to the fullest without crushing. Caution: This means that you cannot use snapping line to the grid, because you set your grid to "0"(zero). I dont know if there is more underlying problem by doing this. Let's continue learning in order not to get bored with VW, alright. Bobby Aranas
  3. VW 8.5.1 When I link the layers to have a view, the 1st & 2nd floor stacked in the same level. I mean the 2nd floor is on the ground plane. No matter how i try to change the Z's. Anybody know the trick. Thanks in advance. Bobby ------------------
  4. Hello there, Crashes while zooming: I found out that it will happen when you're on 3d viewing. First go to "Plan" viewing or tap "0"(zero). It happened to me many times, that's how i've learned with VW. ------------------
  5. Hi there, These things are new to me (the cad itself), and i found it hard to do even the simplest type of roofing. I`ve doing this house with the roof on the entrance that protrudes and its 45 degrees. I`ve been trying to navigate from resources but i cannot find the dormer file. What should i do? thanks, Bobby ------------------
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