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    I'm trying to draw this site I have been given at uni however, I want to change the line thickness(or colour), so that you can tell the difference between the buildings that are at the back and at the front of the site. What is the easiest way to do this?
  2. @Boh But could this be because the version I have at home is watermarked and the one at my uni is not??
  3. @Boh I want to be able to work on the document I had been working on at uni on 2019 version at home. I did this and the document is completely empty.
  4. So, I'm relatively new to Vectorworks(I recently started learning it for uni), on the computers at uni it's the 2018 version, while at home I downloaded the 2019 version. When i tried to open the file it said it was going to be 'converted and opened' to the 2019 version and be renamed but when I looked for it on my computer I couldn't find it. Is there any way to convert it elsewhere and to stop this happening(I've heard about something called Batch but I'm unsure as it looks complicated)
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