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  1. I have a model 1:50 on a3, however when I try and export it as a wide perspective(after using clip cube) and it changes the scale and makes it smaller. How do I export it without it changing scale. The wide perspective and the section are attached below(both are exported at a3)
  2. thanks, where do I find the 'create a door' tool? @CipesDesign
  3. I'm trying to a 3D model of an existing building, inside there are sliding doors with glass(picture attached below). I tried to imitate this with vectorworks but it didnt work(also attached). Ho would I imitate the glass?
  4. I did a model of a house I designed, I'm trying to do a sectional perspective, but when I use the clip cube tool mixed with the rendering option it doesn't render it the way I edited it in clip club. Is there another way to do this?
  5. FOr my university project I need to design a townhouse, and wanted to include carpet textures in some of the rooms, is this possible in vectorworks using hatch? As well as floor textures could you recommend a way I could show kitchen counter tops as well. Thanks
  6. yes this is helpful thank you
  7. I want to use my drawings on Vectorworks and render them on photoshop as I am more comfortable using that but every time I try to open the exported pdf in photoshop it asks for a password, how do I resolve this?
  8. All the lines are dark grey and I can't select anything why is this?
  9. @ericjhberg I'm using vectorworks 2019, so I use the sketchup 2018? I was just asking because I didn't know there was an online free version of sketchup
  10. @ericjhberg That;s super helpful thanks! But do you know if there is a free version of sketchup I could use?
  11. I was looking at if it was possible to add in furniture to vectorworks, and I came across this video, but I can't find the actual plugin, if this isn't real or doesn't work is there an easier way to add in furniture or do I need to draw it by hand?
  12. I'm designing a building for my univeristy project and I thought that doing a perspective drawing might help it give a better feel of some of the rooms. I have the plans already so I'll just extrude them.
  13. is it possible to do a perspective drawing on Vectorworks, if so how would I : start to go about it?
  14. I'm still trying to figure out the Modelling tools on vectorworks, I made a model out of lines and then extruded it but it's confusing as when I look at it as an Iso it looks like a bunch of lines, someone suggested to me to use Open GL but it's slightly too dark is there any other way to do this?
  15. How do scale a tree? I found the tree tool in vectorworks however it's too big for my site, how do I make it smaller?
  16. How do I make objects 'solid'? I am trying to do a model of the building where I can take elevations from it afterward.
  17. I'm doing a model of a site for a university project, but when I rotate the screen to look at it on different angles everything on the page disappears, how do I fix this?
  18. I've been doing an model of a building but i also need the sections and elevations, is there a way to 'cut' the axo so i can do this???
  19. So I'm learning how to use the 'extrude' tool in vectorworks, I realised I forgot to add in a door but I couldn't because it seemed as though all the pieces I extruded together are joined together, is there a way to unextrude the walls so that I could put the door in?
  20. Sade

    Green Screen

    @BSeigel Yes this worked, thanks! I had a few issues with updating my graphics card but when I finally did it worked and I've had no problems so far.
  21. Sade

    Green Screen

    @BSeigel I did it and restarted my computer but the issue is still happening.
  22. Sade

    Green Screen

    @BSeigel yes I do I have an Nvidia GeForce graphics card also, could it be that because I’ve had to disable it to use autocad in the past??
  23. Sade

    Green Screen

    Today I tried to use Vectorworks and the screen kept turning green and flashing. Does anyone know why this is happening?
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