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  1. 15 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

    Viewport or Sheet Layers?


    View ports do not have a page size. their size is based on the scale of the viewport and the crop area.


    Sheet Layers have page sizes. You can go to the Organization dialog box, select all the Sheet Layer tab, select all the Sheet Layers you want to change and click the Edit button. From the Edit Sheet Layers dialog box, click the Page Setup... button to get the Page Setup dialog box. Set that to what you need and click OK to exit all three dialog boxes and you should have what you need.



    that's exactly what I meant thank you very much!

  2. Hello,


    Is there a way to change all viewports to the same page size at once? I was given a document with hundreds of viewports and the page sizes are wrong. I would love to avoid having to do it manually one by one.



  3. Hey guys,


    I posted earlier about a predicament regarding not being able to open a 2021file in 2020. I've attached it below would someone mind converting it to an earlier version of Vectorworks? It would be much appreciated!


  4. So I created a file in Vectorworks 2021 want to send it to my friend who is using the 2020 version. I no longer have access to it because my free trial ended and wasn't aware that it was not compatible is there another way for me to access the file so I can send it to my friend?

  5. I recently learned how to use both the sectional viewport tool and the Helidon tool in Vectorworks. I have created a 3D model for my university project that is based in Italy, I enabled shadows for the OpenGL rendering option, I was wondering is there a have the shadows come up whilst using 'sectional viewport'? Also can is there a way to enable shadows for the Hidden Line rendering option?

  6. I'm having trouble using the 'hidden line' rendering feature. The hatches should be below the walls and furniture but for some reason it covers it, I have tried 'send to back' but yet that does nothing. Does anyone know how I can fix this? 

    However it does work in OpenGL(screenshots attached below)

    Screenshot (28).png

    Screenshot (29).png

  7. For some reason I have this object which follows my screen on every vectorworks file I've been working on lately. I created the shape a few weeks ago but noticed that it just won't disappear any ideas on why this is happening and how I could get rid of it?

    Screenshot attached below, it is located just above my cursor towards the bottom of the page and is light grey.


    Screenshot (21).png

  8. Hi guys,


    I'm trying to put some trees in my plans and I would like the trees in the plans to match the sections I will do later on by doing a 3D model.

    I did some research and I found out about the VBvisual Plant and it was supposed to be under the 'Visualisation' pallet but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know how to access it o Vectorworks 2019 or have another solution to add 3D trees?

  9. Usually, when I finish a drawing or model in Vectorworks I export it as a PDF but now I need to export it as an image file. This is going to sound a bit stupid but how do I export an image file as the size I want it? My page size is set to A3 already and I find that with exporting an image file it doesn't follow the constraints of the page. I tried to set the dimensions to A3 page size and export it said something about it being a huge file and then the program crashed. (screenshots attached of what I wanted to export in the program vs what came out)

    Screenshot (82).png

    Screenshot (83).png

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  10. Hi there,


    I'm trying to edit a hatch but I don't fully understand how it works. Could someone recommend a tutorial that's helpful in learning about this?


    Also is there a way to download hatches from somewhere else to use in Vectorworks?

  11. For some reason when I change the line type to dashed it doesn't work and still looks solid. I've tried playing around with other features and yet nothing seems to be working does anyone know why this is? Could this be because I had extruded it previously? but I changed it back to 0.

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