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    Preview Render

    In the same way that you can drag a marquee box around an area on screen in Cinema 4D, it would be really useful to have a render preview in Vectorworks also. Meaning you don't have to render a full viewport to check the render is set up right, or to check the desired effect of a change in texture or lighting, the texture preview in the texture edit dialogue is useful but is too slow and renders whether you want it to or not, which slows everything down! It would be better to have a click or draw to preview option.
  2. Hi, Completely new to this message board, and forums in general, so Im hoping I've posted this in the correct manner. I'd love to see an option to change the opacity of the foreground render, and to be able to add in custom render or sketch styles for that matter, to create more customisation for renders effects. Ive always found the hidden line render to be too thick/harsh a line (even when changing to 0.1 pixels) and would like the ability to create a more subtle line thickness over renders for a more artistic effect. Thanks Ian


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