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  1. Thanks! Good to know my computers are needing fixed. ūüėÄ
  2. I am working with Vectoworks 2018 on Mac OS Mojave. When I open up my file on my laptop I will start to move and item. Once I place it somewhere it disappears. The only indication that it is still there is when I hover over it. It's been doing this to the same file. Even when I duplicate the file it does it. It also took five minutes to type: WAGON D. Also, when I draw a line i will type 4' and hold down shift. When I do this it completely ignores that I typed a number. I opened up the file on my iMac today and the file is doing the same thing. In general Vectoworks seems very slow. This is a larger file, but in the past neither computer has had problems loading the files. Any ideas on whats causing this and how to fix it? My best guess is Vectoworks isn't working well with the new mac update? P.S: To be clear, I have already check my layer/class visibility. All of which are in the normal settings that I use.


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